Fischer: Women earning money is misandry

You know what’s interesting about the fights we’ve had in the secular community lately? You know, the ones about whether or not women deserve to get belittled and dismissed and dehumanized systematically by members of the community who are apparently still to this day in good community standing with our community’s leaders? They’re only about a step better than the completely backward atavistic views that come from religion. How dare these women make more money than men, emasculating them and undermining God’s great plan for society?

Feeling burned for people holding you to account for your words, Bryan? That passive-aggressive bit at the beginning, it’s telling — the fact that people are excerpting your words, with full context, and are showing you to be a biblically blinkered sexist asshat with those very words, must really chafe you.

I’m sorry, was that not politically correct of me to say?

At least this guy looks like an ass for saying what’s on his mind. Maybe one day the other asses will too.

Fischer: Women earning money is misandry

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    “If he has a wife who out-earns him, that’s going to put some stress on his psyche, it’s gonna put some stress on that marriage”

    We need a hashtag for this kind of drivel. Maybe #WATM? (WHAT ABOUT TEH MENZ?!)

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    Our atheist asshats already look like asses, they just have yet to see that as a problem…
    I’m interested by Fisher’s “men’s brains are for [xyz]; not that they’re more intelligent than women, just that they have a man brain” argument. I wonder what god made the lady brains for? What’s the role of intersex/gender queer brain? I’m sure there’s a sophisticated teleological response I can pull out of my ass too for that one.
    Good thing I don’t live in a biblical world.
    [hey MrFancyPants! I see you everywhere!]

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    Hi maudell! Yes, I lurked forever, but I finally snapped and started commenting when Ophelia called for people to take action against harassers by actually supporting her publicly. Which I am now wholeheartedly doing. It seems to bleed into the other blogs that I’ve long enjoyed.

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    @MrFancyPants: Me too! Me too! Fist-bump. Fuck the slymies! time to wash our hands of that filth and clean and deodorize our movement.

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    1) The only reason men feel bad about being outearned is because people like you make them feel so, Fisher
    2) I’m always amazed by their view on ancient cultures by which they probably mean Victorian middle class England. Because there is no fucking breadwinner in a pre-modern society. The household is a economic unity and everybody works for it, mother, father, children.

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    Holy shit, I wanna come out and say the same thing as MrFancyPants. Fuck MRA’s, I’ve silently lurked and agreed with the FTB bloggers for waaaay to long and not come out and commented in support. It’s both upped my responses on facebook (and whatever site I happen to be surfing) to misogyny and convinced me to post in all of FTB to counteract the vicious fucking hatred that spews from their fallacious mouths.

    Hey MRA’s (and sexist douches in general), there’s a lot of us that have sat silently disagreeing with your proverbial vomit that you call a stance. And unfortunately, I think there’s -far- more people that think you’re so fucking incredibly ignorant that it defies belief than there is fellow dude-bros who agree with your idiotic stances. This is the internet, and while it may have seemed for awhile that everyone on the internet agreed with you, it’s just because the rest of us rolled our eyes and scrolled to the next comment. I hope you like the fact that the only support your going to get is from the incredibly closed circle of friends that you keep online, because the rest of us are fucking sick of it and it’s just going to get worse for you from here on in. Enjoy being ridiculed on the internet in addition to real life from now on, because really: Fuck you.

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    I’d just like to say “Thanks big time!” to MrFancyPants, Donnie, and Drewzilla for speaking out. In MrFancyPants case, you’re carrying a heck of a megaphone these days.

    The reactionaries we’re working against keep trying to say they’re winning. It’s because of people like you that I know those asshats are lying (again).

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    Our atheist asshats already look like asses, they just have yet to see that as a problem…

    Our “atheist” asshats don’t speak their minds. They lie about what they believe, and they lie badly. Unlike Ficher they don’t come out and admit that they believe as a matter of religious faith that women were designed to be inferior beings unworthy of participating in society with men. They believe in design while disclaiming belief in a designer. They are god botherers who downplay their god to the point of fooling themselves into believing that they don’t believe in god. The theist religious fundamentalists are much more honest than the MRA/libertarian religious fundamentalists. The day that the MRA/libertarians are as honest as Bryan Fischer will mark a giant leap forward in their development.

    MRA/libertarians are not atheists, nor are they skeptics. Whatever they claim to believe about gods and epistemology, they explicitly believe in a universe governed by divine authority.

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    I’ve never understood how threatened some men feel by dating/marrying someone who earns more. In my mind, that’s awesome – I’m looking at romantic relationships that hit that point as a partnership, and if the other person is contributing more material goods, that’s just better for me. Then again, I wasn’t raised to essentialize or draw my self esteem from my conformity to gender norms (or, for that matter, from my earnings relative to anyone else, woman, man, or otherwise), so maybe that’s why I don’t get it.

    Mostly I don’t get why so many people seem so obsessed with hierarchies of status (climbing them or maintaining their positions, always keeping the hierarchy itself) and why so many people seem to make their senses of identity contingent upon those hierarchies. Do they all simply get no sense of recognition or validation from anything else? That’s heartbreaking if it’s the case (unless they literally contribute nothing to human society other than misery, in which case it’s entirely deserved, but I doubt that’s true for most people: even Dick Cheney loves his daughter).

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    Numenaster @ 7:
    I just came back to this thread, so just now saw your comment. Thanks! And yeah, I’m pretty vocal now. I bottled up my irritation for too long, and now it’s coming out like gangbusters. Perhaps others might pipe up if enough of us lurkers come out, who knows.

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