Seeing things from a God's eye view

I think I might have burned myself out on blogging a bit, doing the live blogging for WiS — I keep finding other things to do instead of writing things that really need to be said. Bah.

The cure for burnout is both time, and whargarbl. Here’s some tasty whargarbl from one of Sinned34’s favorite childhood memories, Fire By Night. Spoilers — it starts with Jesus catching and crushing a bullet. And it continues with a number of things that Christians think God sees and thinks. COMPLETELY SURPRISINGLY, it’s exactly what bigoted Christians think.

I don’t know about you, but I especially loved the blatant racism in the middle, with a fake Gorbachev and some Chinese stereotypes.

This clip, along with a number of others, is part of Everything Is Terrible’s Religion Week.

Seeing things from a God's eye view

6 thoughts on “Seeing things from a God's eye view

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    Oh, and the lisping queeny fellow in the gold-lamé tunic, for that dash of homophobia. This is…astonishingly terrible.

    And I do community theatre.

    ” Duh-duh-DUHHHHHH,” she said, pipe organ-like.

  2. 2

    Oh. Blasphemous. Expletive.

    That was amazingly bad. Please tell me it was made in 2005 (I’m guessing by their attempts to adopt “cool” clothing that would have been appropriate in 1983).

    I will be sending you a bill for five minutes and thirty seconds of my time, plus reimbursement for a single 24h dose of Retcon I’ve now got on next-day shipping from Torchwood Amazon.

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    Oh man, I vaguely remember that episode. “Jesus – tougher than nails.”As that video played, old memories of gathering together with sorta-friends in the church basement for an evening of religious indoctrination came flooding back. I recall thinking those videos were soooo radical! It was almost enough to distract away from trying not to get caught attempting to cop a feel on one of the cute youth group girls after the youth pastor shut the lights off to watch those videos. (Not that I ever actually did that. That was what the “rebels” in YG did and I was anything but a rebel, though I really wanted to be one.) It really is true that everything you loved when you were young was crap. (Spoiler alert: everything you love as you get old is also crap.)

    Anyways, did I leave my webcam on last night or something? Because after watching the hockey game, I figured I’d relive my youth a bit and threw some Tourniquet, Deliverance, and Mortification on in Winamp, then fired up some emulators and played Bible Adventures on Z-SNES. After 30 seconds of that horrid game, I worked my way through a couple of hours playing Starflight and NHL ’93 on D-Genesis. Just like what I used to do on Monday evenings back in 1992.

    Now I visit your blog and see you’ve tossed up a Fire By Night video. Either you’re psychic or the Holy Spirit is moving through you, Jason. Seek repentance in Jesus, brother!

    It is both amusing and horrible to see the racism, homophobia and pure demonization of other people on display in those videos. No wonder it took me a good decade to liberalize even after I left the church!

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    If you want to convince people that being buff is a positive trait of Jesus, then quoting Hans & Franz is probably not the best way to go about it.

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    Wow, was that thing real, not satire?

    I don’t know if anyone has noted the presenter lamenting at 1:38 that artists make Jesus look ‘like some kind of girl’. Also, a minor point, but why is Gorbachev portrayed as an insane war-monger rather than a massive reformer? Also, why is Bret the Hitman Hart now Jesus at the end of the video? Also …

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