God's America: weep for it. WEEP I SAY.

I’m pretty inured by now to blatant religious proselytization, bad acting, campy premises, and contrived patriotism, what with Mock the Movie and all, but this video almost made me gag, it was simply so syrupy.

Yes. Because a DOUBLE X porno watched with friends, or being intoxicated in public, is the END OF AMERICA. There is no hyperbole there. Just by doing things that are enjoyable to you and do no damage to others, you will destroy the very fabric of your country, setting flags ablaze nationwide. Just a second, I’m going to go pour myself a drink so I can end America. I guess that makes me a foreign terrorist, being that I’m a Canadian citizen and having a beer, amirite?

Hat tip to Christian Nightmares.

Unrelated note: Blogging about news events et cetera will be on pause for a bit, as tomorrow I’ll be flying out to DC. Remember that one big conference that’s happening there this weekend? You know, Women In Secularism 2? Well, you should, because you helped send me there. And in return, I’ll be live-blogging the living crap outta it, along with Miri Mogilevski of Brute Reason, and Kate Donovan, co-blogger at… um… everywhere. Seriously. Including over at Ashley Miller’s.

Look for the posts starting tomorrow.

God's America: weep for it. WEEP I SAY.

5 thoughts on “God's America: weep for it. WEEP I SAY.

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    Who knew the most powerful nation on earth, the richest and with the biggest military was so fragile? OH NOS, that person had a drink! That one had a joyful, non-church sanctioned sexual experience!

    What a weird mind-set.

  2. 4

    Here is a liveblog:
    Whoa, looks like the 80s.

    Whoa, that woman’s hair! Definitely the 80s.

    God calls it drunkenness? Wait, so do we. We just understand that there are underlying… oh, fuck it.

    That video cover, wtf? In the 80s, I could see porn videos on the shelf at my local video rental store, barely “covered” behind a set of saloon-style “privacy” doors (about two feet tall) blocking that section. None of the pictures were anything like a single woman, fully clothed, standing up straight with her legs crossed. And then the cover says xxx, the spine says x, and the film says xx.

    Wait, did that guy just say “Hahaha, now we get sex?” It’s a room full of couples. They can have sex whenever they want.

    Nice anviliciousness of “I guess I’ll succumb to peer pressure once again”.

    Hot tubs, the standard seduction technique of the devil. I’m surprised they don’t show a waterbed too.

    Harry Hamlin lookalikes are bad? Or only when they’re talking to women carrying…books?

    Montage! Love that kid at 2:03.

    That guy shouldn’t worry about America going to hell as much as he should worry about the open flame in the middle of his table, in a place he obviously can’t reach.

    Crap, I think I recognize that choir. They did everything in terrible Christian music in the 80s.

    If that had been made later, it might have been Ashcroft singing “Let the eagle soar” in the background.

    Wait, homelessness is caused by porn?

    OMG PAT ROBERTSON. Of course, he would be behind this!

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