Pat Robertson says… no, just watch it.

Presented without comment. Because… yeah.


Pat Robertson says… no, just watch it.

5 thoughts on “Pat Robertson says… no, just watch it.

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    It’s not a lack of self-awareness, it’s a deliberate attempt to distance himself from such scammers. After all, if he’s the one warning you about religious scammers, how could he possibly be one himself? It’s brilliant…

    … in a despicable sort of way.

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    Not quite the same, but Paul’s comment reminded me of the ‘follow up scams,’ where people who are conned are targeted by a second con artist posing as a member of the police bunco squad, who explains the scam to them and uses the confidence built from that to fleece them again.

    I believe I have seen infomercials where they explain how their competitors are doing something underhanded to enhance their own credibility.

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    I noticed a new trend for spam – instead of saying “amazing weight loss drug” or whatever, the email will be titled “is this a SCAM? find out!” or something to that effect. People are now so aware of scams that the best way to get people’s attention is to pretend to be a neutral 3rd-party which is just warning you about scams or testing whether something really works. (and guess what, it really does! BUY NOW!)

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