Mock The Movie: House of Fears, tonight!

I’ve been calling it a “gritty reboot of Killer Klowns from Outer Space”, but that may have been giving it all too much credit after I actually tried watching the trailer and not just snarking based on Stephanie’s post’s title. It looks like this 2008 stinker isn’t just about clowns, so much as a bunch of delinquent teens’ actual fears coming to life when they trespass in a Haunted House that’s scheduled to go live the next day.

So, murder by inappropriate erections and pop quizzes AMIRITE?

So tonight, we’ll be mocking this SCARY SCARY MOVIE WHAT MAKES YOU JUMP AND STUFF. Make sure to have your alcohol in appropriate spill-proof containers. It’ll be my first attempt at actually running the timing too, on top of doing the transcript. This is one of those ones you may have to have a paying service or physical DVD to obtain, so that limits its audience unfortunately. Next few we do will be on free services, to be fair to everyone.

“These all sound awful!” I hear you cry. Yes, yes, they do. “These must be mocked mercilessly”, you say. Well, then you’re in the right company. The instructions for playing along:

  1. Start following @MockTM on Twitter.
  2. Start watching the movie on the appropriate Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT.
  3. Once you’ve got the movie going, tweet your snarky comments to @MockTM.  Directing our tweets to @MockTM will keep our followers from being overwhelmed with our snark!
  4. Set up a search for @MockTM on Twitter for the duration so you can follow along with everyone else sharing your pain.

If you have suggestions for other movies that can and should be mocked, send them to @MockTM. Preference will be given to movies that are free or stream on the major media delivery services. Watch the feed, and we’ll set up the calendar for more terrible, mockable movies.

Be there or… be someone who doesn’t much care for mocking stupid movies!

Mock The Movie: House of Fears, tonight!
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