Adam Lee's petition to leaders: more diversity, less "shunning" by anti-feminists

A petition to leaders of secular and atheist groups to disregard the nonsense that Thunderfoot passed around to them, you say?

We, the undersigned, are atheists, skeptics and nonbelievers who value free speech and rational thought and who seek to build a strong, thriving movement that can advocate effectively for these values. We’ve chosen to put our names to this petition because we want to respond to a video created by a blogger calling himself Thunderfoot. In this video, Thunderfoot attacks named individuals who’ve been active in promoting diversity and fighting sexism and harassment in our movement. He describes these people as “whiners” and “ultra-PC professional victims” who are “dripp[ing] poison” into the secular community, and urges conference organizers to shun and ignore them.

Sign me the hell up.

My reason:

I am tired of people spending exorbitant amounts of energy on attacking valuable members of the community, sometimes in retribution for their crime of relating their own experiences. I’m tired of deference being given to bigotries, both soft and hard, that curtail efforts to improve diversity. And I’m tired of people succumbing to harassment campaigns and being driven out of the community, even while the perpetrators of these campaigns feign that they themselves are being harassed by being told to stop.

It is unbecoming of a community of rationalists to lionize such efforts at enforcing cultural conformity at the expense of our own diversity. It is galling to see a valued member of the community come out so strongly in favour of those who would damn it to the obscurity that comes with stagnation. We stand against this now, or we fall.

Adam Lee's petition to leaders: more diversity, less "shunning" by anti-feminists

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    I think he was trying to say that the accusations of sexism are arbitrary and made-up. I would like to live in the alternate dimension upon which this conclusion is based, except that, ironically, everyone from it seems to be really sexist.

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