Back from vacation. Need a vacation.

I’d been trying to maintain a post-a-day schedule for a few weeks now despite trying to suck the marrow out of a precious oasis of respite from a job that has, as late, challenged me to exceed what even I thought myself capable. I am back home now. My wife and I arrived home at 1:30am to a house with no food, short one bag.

While in Minneapolis, a mouse attacked our luggage and we decided to get new luggage rather than try to force one more trip out of the already haggard container which had to that point lasted almost ten years. All of the clothing was intact, though it all had to be washed; the bag was discarded. The bag we got to replace it attempted to take a diversion to Quebec and was apparently left in Chicago rather than following us all the way back to Halifax. We haven’t gotten it back yet. We’ve been told to call them for updates; the updates via the automated system presently say they’re “searching” for it. The number we were given to talk to a human landed at a voice mail box. Tomorrow, if our bags aren’t returned, we will be quite… put out.

And our car wouldn’t start today. Dead battery. Not just dead, DEAD dead. The money pit of a car had been sputtering during the summer and we’d suspected the alternator; the only piece of good news was that the battery had simply succumbed to the winter, and it wasn’t something more serious.

It was a lovely vacation with food, people, fun, happiness and love. It’s sometimes rough, I suppose, to switch back to home life mode and focus on the good things, ignoring the bad. Might take a few days. Bleh.

Back from vacation. Need a vacation.
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12 thoughts on “Back from vacation. Need a vacation.

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    Um… That’s my email clearly. But whatever. I’ve proceeded without specifying you. Just don’t read the stories then if the email was enough to creep you out >.>

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    In 2002 I flew from Atlanta to Providence, RI. Supposedly my bag ended up in Buffalo. I’d check the automated system daily and it seemed that my bag was taking an extended tour of North America. Finally, after a week, I got a phone call from a real person telling me my bag was in Providence and who I should see to pick it up. After I got it and returned home, I called the automated system one last time. My bag was en route to Boston.

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    Hi eucliwood, I’m afraid it was me who tipped off Jason that you were going on a bit of a frenetic posting spree here, yesterday. It’s almost like I’ve seen that exact same pattern somewhere else, recently. Now I gather you’re all bushy-tailed and enthusiastic, but when people set personal boundaries it’s a really good idea to respect them and not cross over them. If I were Jason I’d be inclined to think, ‘who is this person writing hugely inappropriate things to me when I don’t even know them (or vice versa, they don’t know me)’. Cheers.

  4. 9

    Hugely inappropriate things like what, Xanthe? And why call it “tipped off”? I wanted him to reply, so thank you. It’s not far to say those things to me if he hasn’t said himself that I’m violating his personal boundaries. Did he really decline to reply himself because he thinks you took care of it? Or has he just not replied yet? I would like his reply, please, no offense Xanthe, but you do not speak for him. They are *his* personal boundaries, after all. No one else should ever be talking to someone about someone *else’s* personal boundaries. Talk about rude.

  5. 10

    I really dislike when people go and jump in to lecture me about my conduct with someone else when the person themselves hasn’t even said anything. Jason is a big boy. Don’t go assuming he’s just too afraid to talk or something – from what I can see, he’d tell me up front, and rather bluntly too. All of those posts were due to a mistake I’d made, and I apologized for them. If I can be spared a scolding, I’d like to be spared. Bottom line – it ticks me off when someone scolds me for someone else. It’s just like my Adults deciding they should come down in a middle of a conversation (sometimes not even knowing what happened) and yelling at me with their two cents in when it only takes one Adult. (I am not an adult, to explain.) You didn’t show outward signs of yelling in your post, but you might as well have. You were just writing in a polite tone.

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    Hugely inappropriate things like what, Xanthe?

    Uhh, hugely inappropriate things like the “Conflict Tension Release Daydreams thread” on the SlymePit, which Jason’s now documented.

    My ‘tip-off’ merely consisted of this tweet, which observed that you were starting to fill up the ‘Last 20 comments’ widget:

    @lousycanuck Uh Jason, after your trip you seem to have a bit of a slime mould infection, working it’s way back through your Dec. threads.

    That’s all I said. It was after that tweet that Jason then got in contact with me.

    Also, if you’re under 18 as your post 10 implies, then you’ve been accessing some forums inappropriately. The one you got kicked off last month requires you to disclose whether you’re under 18 before being allowed to post. That’s for your own protection, because adults — or even ‘Adults’ — have a duty of care to minors.

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