The Rise And Fall of God: a 90s compilation

Everything Is Terrible has cobbled together a compilation of their best religion-related found footage. They’re calling it The Rise And Fall of God. Here’s the first ten minutes of what’s probably going to be a multi-part series (you know, judging by the Part 1 in the title). I’m proud to say I watched the first 4:49 without a break.

THE RISE & FALL OF GOD PART 1 from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

How far can you make it without a palate cleanser? I recommend a turtle eating a strawberry.

Update: Parts two and three are available. ARE YOU BAD ENOUGH!?

The Rise And Fall of God: a 90s compilation

6 thoughts on “The Rise And Fall of God: a 90s compilation

  1. 4

    For my palate cleanser I listened to Marduk’s “Fistfucking God’s Planet”, accompanied by a google images search for “smiling dachshunds”.

    Two standouts from the video for me:

    1) God is not a child molester, but he IS a racist!
    2) Awesome! I saw some clips from Fire By Nite. I loved that show back when I was a Christian teen. I need to see more guitar battle against Satan!

  2. 6

    I made it all the way through, but then again I’m feeling masochistic today. Given the depth of their tax-exempt purses, it really is amazing that Christian rock, tv, movies etc., are so incredibly bad.

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