Baby turtle eats raspberry

I’m posting this to prove a point, on top of the obvious squee and funny factors.

That point is, human beings can be complete monsters sometimes. Treating cute little turtles as sport, as though there was any contest between the turtle and an automobile. For shame. Look at that turtle, having trouble eating a raspberry! Look at its raspberry beard! They are adorable and nigh helpless and people still swerve to hit them.

Maybe humanity doesn’t deserve to survive this global warming nonsense we’ve brought on ourselves. Bah.

Baby turtle eats raspberry
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7 thoughts on “Baby turtle eats raspberry

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    I read an Andrew Vachhs short story once where the main character wants to identify and punish a driver who swerved to hit a dog that was sitting by the side of a road. This was accomplished by producing a lifelike concrete dog which was painted and left on the shoulder of the road. When the driver passed through the neighborhood again and swerved to hit the dog, he wrecked his car (and I think ended up going off a cliff, for bonus schadenfreude).

    I’d be okay with something similar done in this case. A shredded tire or damaged front end might help people understand why they shouldn’t be assholes.

  2. 3

    Even snappers have their place in the world. I’ve only had to wrangle with one once (it had lodged itself under a truck tire, and the driver didn’t want to squash it, which I thought was admirable of her) and it was an exciting – but safe- experience. Why, I still have all my fingers and everything!

  3. 4

    Maybe humanity doesn’t deserve to survive this global warming nonsense we’ve brought on ourselves. Bah.

    The earth will survive. To hell with humanity.

  4. 5

    I don’t get it. Turtles are cute and harmless. What does it prove to run one down. I pick them up and take them to the other side of the street to speed them on their way safely. How difficult is that?

  5. 7

    Oh my god, that is so cute. I’d love to scoop all of the turtles off of the road and take them in my backyard with a pond and some raspberries or something… and if they’re beach turtles that somehow ended up on the road, I’d take them there I guess. Sick fucks, torturing turtles with their tires :/

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