Street Fighter X Megaman

I’m trying to download this fan-made (and Capcom-hosted and sponsored!) free Megaman game for PC right now, but its servers are positively logjammed at the moment. If you can manage, the download’s available here. And if I ever get it, I’m considering broadcasting it on while I play it, just for fun.

The game is described as a love letter to Street Fighter and Megaman fans for the 25th anniversary of both franchises — and from what I’ve seen so far via these videos, it almost certainly is. Seow Zong Hui, the game’s creator, obviously had a lot of love for both to have done what he’s done. That Capcom’s throwing their weight behind this is simply fantastic, and I honestly wish more companies would legitimize fan-made derivative works like this because that might have repercussions on copyright law that would alleviate some of the fear within fandom of being cracked down on by the “intellectual property” owners.

Street Fighter X Megaman

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    There was a similar attempt to redo Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage but that got pulled because Sega clamped down on it. Glad to see capcom have a sense of fun.

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    Among anime companies, the Japanese have a long tradition of tolerating fan-made works (toys and models, comics, fanfiction, cosplay, amateur videos, et al). It doesn’t surprise that Capcom is similarly willing to give consent.

    In the 1990s when “free” websites were common, many fans put up sites about TV shows and movies they liked, but US-based studios didn’t like it. The scum at Paramount went so far as sue fans who made Star Trek sites, even those without screen captures or scans. They just didn’t get it, they didn’t see how fan-made work benefitted them. Surprisingly, Fox did, which is why “The X-Files” benefitted from word of mouth and became so popular.

    In 2009, a fan made a movie about the Lord of the Rings books. According to the filmmaker, he and the Tolkien family “reached an agreement” on copyright and material usage. As long as he was not doing it for profit, the film had the blessing of the family and Peter Jackson.

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