The bug report thread

Because we don’t seem to have a general purpose one, I’m making one right now, right here.

See the new theme? It’s a bit buggy. We want to hammer everything flat and put a coat of gloss before the rest of the network is subjected to it. What do you think?

The top menu and “chiclets” (social networking icons — Facebook and RSS) need some work yet, as do some CSS bits and bobs. Also want to get a Dashboard / Log In link up there somewhere. See anything that’s just plain not working as it should? Say so now.

The bug report thread
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68 thoughts on “The bug report thread

  1. 52

    Sorry but I gotta say I preferred the old look.

    Minor thing but the new logo , just looks like a ‘T’ inside a ‘B’ with the ‘F’ kinda disappearing and I can imagine our critics making lost of cheap shots about the “free” part apparently being dropped. Think you have to make the ‘F’ clearer!

    Not sure why you’re feeling it necessary to change – the FTB blog style / format was fine as it was in my view.

    Let’s avoid any new coke or vegemite 2.0 type stuff ups here shall we hey?

  2. 53

    I miss the FTB Recent Posts list. It’s how I navigate around and saves me from having to check a half dozen blogs for new content. Please fix/add it.

  3. 55

    It looks like that plugin is broken under this theme — see the “Sitewide Tab”? That should be the tabbed version of the widget right above it. I don’t think there’s a bug open for it now, but I’ll check / open if necessary.

  4. 56

    Rodney: that’s the Greasemonkey script packaged into a Firefox plugin, right? Sadly, they’ll have to update the way it parses comments out of the theme, to match the new style’s divs. Shouldn’t take them long though, they’re not that much different.

  5. 57

    I think the move to sans-serif is a bad one. Those are graphics fonts, meant to impact the eye as one picture, and make it harder to read blocks of text.

    The serifs guide your eye along the line of text and facilitate reading: that’s why newspapers use them. I’m already finding it more difficult to read the posts, and the font is too large as well.

    The sans-serif font should be used wherever you want a graphics-type effect: sidebars, banner, etc. But the titles and bodies of the posts should be in a font that’s meant to be read.

  6. 58

    Jason Thibeault:

    Rodney: that’s the Greasemonkey script packaged into a Firefox plugin, right?

    What plugin is that?

    I’m currently using plonk4wp, which mostly works but seems also broken by the new theme.

  7. 60

    I’m thinking Matt’s been messing more with the fonts today — I can see the line spacing is increased in the text, and once upon a time, the blockquotes included first-line indents and were much smaller font-sizes.

  8. 61

    I just checked it out side-by-side — while the logo is indeed very much larger than the old one, it also takes up more of the horizontal space and pushes everything to the right on this theme. As a result, while it looks ginormous comparitively, it only pushes down the top of the first post about 10-ish px.

  9. 62

    Not really a bug report, but I’m not a fan of the horizontal space for text. Ut’s a little long, so when I try to view the site with my phone I have to scroll to read an entire line. Just kind of inconvenient.

  10. 64

    BCat70: it should be, right now anyway. It wasn’t at initial roll-out but that bug’s been squished. My banner takes you to the main blog, and the FtB logo takes you to the network home.

  11. 65

    Not a bug, but a request: would you please bring back the Previous post/Next post links? It would be especially lovely to have them at the top, as well as between blog and comments. I use these quite a bit to navigate through blogs. Thanks!

  12. 66

    My blog isn’t representative of the overall theme any more, unfortunately. I’ve used CSS to increase the size and move the next/previous down some, to give it some visual separation from the ad.

    I’ve also changed the font to Gothic/Times/Serif for the comments and post body, and the comment numbering floats right and is large and grey. These are all modifications on the main theme that won’t show up elsewhere unless they steal the CSS for themselves. Giving us authors the rights to edit our CSS might have been a bad idea. 🙂

  13. 68

    Adding links in comments seems to screw up the preview (site wide, not only here).
    A simple

    A <a href=””>B</a> C

    generates a “A C” and a big floating B and messed up indentation. The submitted comment is ok, only the preview is bad.
    [Firefox 17.0.1 under Ubuntu 12.04 LTS]

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