Republicans’ Greatest Hits: The Rape Album

While Republicans point the fingers at all sorts of ridiculous scapegoats for Mittens’ crushing defeat (303/332? to 206, depending on Florida’s outcome!), from Hurricane Sandy, to Chris Christie, to Black Panther voter intimidation, to the oncoming End Times, there’s a few very real reasons Obama won. One of those reasons is Republicans’ war on women.

Protecting blastocysts from evil murderous doctors is surely a greater priority than protecting women’s bodily autonomy and self-direction. Surely bodies have ways of shutting down legitimate rape pregnancies (like a uterine on-off switch?), don’t they? And if they don’t, that’s because God wants you to to have those babies. Never mind that God might have allowed humans to develop contraception and abortion in the first place so we could carry out his will without it seeming supernatural. If we like it, God did it; if we don’t, it’s humans being sinful. If rape happens, that’s God’s will, but the rapist is a sinner for doing God’s will. Legitimate medical procedures to protect a woman’s bodily autonomy are murder, but being forced by the government to carry a rape baby to term? Well that’s just a gift from God — a consolation prize. Sorry about your rape, here’s nine months of agony and eighteen years of financial and emotional dependence.

The contortions you have to go through to make sense of this worldview are simply mind-boggling. These people all need to be drummed out of office. Every last one of them. None of ’em are fit to serve me french fries, much less manipulate the levers of power.

Via The David Pakman Show, whom I’d never heard of before I saw this video.

Republicans’ Greatest Hits: The Rape Album

5 thoughts on “Republicans’ Greatest Hits: The Rape Album

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    I think women who voted for Rmoney thought either their money was more important or they didn’t think a rape pregnancy would happen to them. Plus, racial hatred of Obama isn’t gender specific.

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    As it happens, one of them* DID serve me french fries yesterday, and he performed the task adequately.

    *Possibly not a candidate for office, but rather a supporter of such. Also, I admit to making an assumption here, as my evidence that it was “one of them” who served my french fries was the presence of a silver cross around his neck and rubber “CHOOSE LIFE” and “WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?” bracelets on his wrists. It is possible the fellow was wearing said “flair” ironically. I am in Portlandia, after all.

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    Well, also, some of the reasons they cite are reasons they won. Christie not being an utter dick totally confabulated the Republicans and threw some off their gam. Obama and Romney were tested by Sandy, with Bush as a rubric. It became clear that Romney would do as well as bush or worse, and Obama shined. Etc.

    It is amazing to me, though, that Romney got as man women’s votes as he did.

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    Rape always happens to somebody else in those women’s world. It has to for their narratives to work. Becuase they live in the world of stranger in the dark alley raping Slutty McSlut in her miniskirt on the way home from the club.
    They need to believe in this because only then they can feel safe. Waking up to the reality of rape means waking up in a fucking dangerous place. They never think they would need an abortion, until they end up in the abortion clinic themselves, but their abortion is different. Theirs is legitimate. That’s why it’s OK to ban them for all the other people.

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    +With idiots likethese backing him it is no wonder he lost and I am very glad that he did lose, it would have been total disaster to have him as President. Any women who voted for him has to be either brain dead or to old to care

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