Paul Ryan’s new Old Spice ad

I’m doing an overnight tonight for work. Yes, tonight. Saturday night into Sunday morning. When I should be adjusting the time on my various clocks and catching up on sleep. Lucky me.

So, click this image to behold what a Paul Ryan Old Spice ad might look like. Via the Mansplaining Ryan tumblr.

"Hello, ladies. Look at your abortion rights. Now, look at me. Look back at your abortion rights. Your abortion rights are now beans. Look down. Now I'm Jack Kennedy.
Ryan Spice turns your abortion rights into a hill of beans. I’m on a horse.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so true.

Paul Ryan’s new Old Spice ad

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s new Old Spice ad

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    If Ryan’s weightlifting is like his marathon times, that dumbbell is probably made of balsa wood. And it’s not the only dumbbell in the picture, either.

    I hate changing all the dang clocks. They can just leave DST on year ’round as far as I’m concerned.

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