Too many things.

Too many things. Too many irons in the fire, too many arguments on the go. Too many family matters to attend to. Too many things that need my attention. Far too little time.

I feel like this right now.

Animated gif of Beaker, from The Muppet Show, panicking

Too many things.
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14 thoughts on “Too many things.

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    But hey, don’t worry! The ads say there are four Herbs you can use to cut anxiety! So just raid your spice rack and start splashing thyme in your face until you feel better.

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    Good luck with your life right now! I can understand completely (who in their right mind would think that planning a wedding/out of state move/job hunt at the same time would be difficult?)

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    Slow, deep breaths! The ride may be bumpy but you’ll get through it all.

    Hey Flewellyn, since I see you here, could I ask you to chat with Mai about her having (in her mod role) critiqued someone’s English skills, telling him that he couldn’t communicate “properly” so shouldn’t be posting? The exchange is with Specimen128 here:

    It’s odd because Specimen128’s English is totally fine, which then makes her response (below) seem off-base:

    Specimen, bonjour!

    I speak several languages including French, and I’m afraid you don’t possess the English language skills to communicate properly in such a serious and mindful discussion. I think you are better off just reading right now, and maybe you can get a buddy who writes English better to help you write posts so you can participate and offer your own contributions to this thread.

    So I will ask you politely to desist from posting further in this thread. Thank you, Mai


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    Jesus fuck. You know how to contact Flewellyn. My blog is not how you contact Flewellyn. And right now, you’re just questioning everything about how they do things over at despite being banned to paint the place as terrible, and you’re doing it from behind the same sweet-innocent-helpful mask that apparently suckered Matt in.

    Specimen was obviously asked to stop derailing and jumping to absurd conclusions, with the “polite” excuse being that the gross overreach and inability to stay on topic was because of their self-admitted language problems. They weren’t banned though. You could in fact find that information on their list of banned users.

    If you’re going to follow the mods around and point out supposed specks in their eye, do it privately. I know, I know, that doesn’t have the side-effect of painting them as needlessly capricious and cruel, but you don’t get to use my blog as a launching board for passive-aggressive attacks.

    Bad faith argument and obvious trolling. You don’t get to do that here either, Skep tickle.

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    Thanks, Flewellyn. Nothing major. Bad cold, seem to be over the hump of it though. It’s rather draining with everything else going on, this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and some family drama (as always) took the wind out of my sails. And work, as usual, is like eating an airplane.

    All told, I’m coping. Some things that shouldn’t slide are sliding, but I’m alive.

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