Beef recall expands… again

The ground beef recall I mentioned recently has apparently increased significantly — including more meat products for the sixth time since the original recall.

In all, the recall involves millions of pounds of beef produced from late August to early September and shipped to stores in Canada and the United States. Beef from the plant has been linked to five illnesses and the recall led to one call for Canada’s agriculture minister to resign.
To improve safety, XL said it will use video cameras to audit plant processes, will expand washing the sides of beef with high-pressure hot water to eliminate E. coli contamination, and add staff to each shift to monitor sanitary procedures.
The recall of beef from the plant began September 16, almost two weeks after the CFIA learned of the contamination and began an investigation. CFIA has said it did not recall meat earlier because the products originally flagged had not made it onto store shelves.

Remember, cook your meat thoroughly. E.coli can be killed by thoroughly cooking beef and beef products.

Beef recall expands… again

7 thoughts on “Beef recall expands… again

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    This whole thing just makes my blood boil! The cuts to food inspection agents have been unconscionable. The idea that industry would ‘regulate itself’ has disproven so many goddamn times and still people have to get sick and possibly die so that what?! The country can save $100000 in employee costs per year? Harper is an ass and the sooner we get him out of office, the better.

    In the meantime, Jason is right. Cook your meat to make it safe. And hamburger is not improved in taste or texture by leaving it rare. It’s hamburger; not steak.

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    I only make medium rare hamburgers with beef I have chopped or ground myself from larger pieces, vac packed from costco is a great way to go.

    For regular weeknight hamburger, consider making a panade of bread and milk and working it into you ground beef (gently) before cooking. This will keep the burger moist whilst you cook the fuck out of the ecoli germs!

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    This is why ALL my meat is ALWAYS well-done. Having the damn thing rare enough to moo at me has never made it taste better in my opinion. In any case, nothing is tasty enough to be worth the price of stomach-cramps. 😛

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