Mock The Movie: Hercules, plus VLC live tweet stream!

Oh hey guess what time it is? Almost? In a few days?


That’s right, it’s time to MOCK THE MOVIE! YAY! *Kermit flail* Stephanie has the details, and our upcoming schedule:

This Thursday, September 13, at 9 p.m. EDT, the mocking crew will subject ourselves to the Lou Ferrigno version of Hercules (currently available on Netflix and Amazon streaming video). This version promises that it’s “updated” for the 1980s. That apparently means bad hair, bad special effects, and… space aliens.

As he labors, so shall we. We probably won’t feather our hair, though.

I wish I had enough hair to feather.

Here’s how we do these things:

  1. Start following @MockTM on Twitter.
  2. Start watching the movie on the appropriate Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT.
  3. Once you’ve got the movie going, tweet your snarky comments to @MockTM.  Directing our tweets to @MockTM will keep our followers from being overwhelmed with our snark!
  4. Set up a search for @MockTM on Twitter for the duration so you can follow along with everyone else sharing your pain.

If you have suggestions for other movies that can and should be mocked, send them to @MockTM. Preference will be given to movies that are free or stream on the major media delivery services. Watch the feed, and we’ll set up the calendar for more terrible, mockable movies.

In other related news, CompulsoryAccount7746 had a brilliant plan, and implemented it. That plan involved building a plugin for VLC that streams a Twitter search directly to your player as subtitles. That plan is brilliant because it means you could be watching Hercules in all its glory on a media center or computer with VLC installed, and could stream the mockery directly into to the video feed so you never miss a snark, all in realtime. WE’RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE, BABY.

It’s ready for public beta, so go check out the project page and download your copy now. If you plan on watching on a different screen from your Twitter, or if you’re not technically inclined, this might not be the best option. However, for geeks like us, it’s a great idea and a sound implementation. Couldn’t ask for anything better.

Mock The Movie: Hercules, plus VLC live tweet stream!

10 thoughts on “Mock The Movie: Hercules, plus VLC live tweet stream!

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    Nobody better be saying anything bad about my man Lou Ferrigno. I wanted to be the Hulk when I grew up. Getting angry, turning green and busting out of my clothes (except for the trousers for some reason) would have been so cool. I must have seen every episode of “The Hulk” at least twice. That was the role Ferrigno was born to play, not some Hercules dude fighting aliens.

    Leave Lou Ferrigno alone! [Said while weeping copiously.]

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