Curiosity, from the eyes of one of its creators

I cannot imagine having had a single project for seven years that culminates in a seven minute Schrodinger’s Cat where your work either failed or succeeded. I cannot imagine the magnitude of relief or heartache or joy or sorrow that might have come from either result. This gives me the same sort of minute glimpse of the triumph felt by its three thousand engineers and physicists and mathematicians responsible for this project, as when I watched the live feed for the control room during the landing.

If you are unmoved by this video, you might want to check your pulse.

Curiosity, from the eyes of one of its creators

4 thoughts on “Curiosity, from the eyes of one of its creators

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    I think when my wife graduates, I will polish my resume and apply to some pie-in-the-sky jobs at NASA. The constant budget cuts suck, but the work itself looks so damn rewarding.

  2. 3

    Damn, I gotta stop watching videos like this – my allergies keep acting up and make my eyes water.

    Totally impressive, can’t wait to see what Curiosity finds over the next two years.

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    Whooo –

    I am not unmoved.

    I stayed up way late that night watching the NASA channel, and then watched the landing video over and over again the next day.

    Gotta go blow my nose now.

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