My Geeks Without God podcast appearance: Ancient Aliens

CONvergence represented a whole bunch of firsts for me — the first time people recognized me from my blog before they introduced themselves as readers, the first time a blogger literally got in my face in real-life over a difference we had in philosophies, the first time I drove in a big city (e.g. bigger than Halifax), the first time I was on a panel at a convention, and the first time I was on a podcast.

Well, okay, sure, I’d already cut my teeth on being on the radio, and that’s technically got a podcast attached to it, but this… this was something special. I was helping launch a brand-new podcast and hanging out with some hilarious geeky atheists all at once.

That’s right. I helped launch Geeks Without God.

“But Jason,” I hear you cry. “You were only on the sixth episode!”

Nay, good madam! I was on an episode that was recorded before the first was even aired. Unless you were at CONvergence and sat in on the Geeks Without God panel, in which case you got to be the live studio audience for the first episode. And damn you for beating me to the punch. It wasn’t aired yet ON THE INTERNET, and we all know that’s what counts.

There are six episodes out now for this great half-hour podcast, starring Tim Wick, Molly Glover and her husband Nick Glover. Super easy to catch up now — and you know you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t get in on the ground floor when it’s airing its 1000th episode live from SkepchiCONvergence 2026. So start listening now.

But the really important thing is that you listen to the episode starring Stephanie and I.

This episode was chock full of awesome. We talked about the Ancient Aliens debate (if you can call it that) that took place at CONvergence 2012 / SkepchickCON 4, I shouted out Mock The Movie and my favorite sandwich (ham and jalapeno havarti with good mustard, maybe even grilled like a panini!), Stephanie denied she was a geek but was rapidly caught out thanks to what was on her shirt, and we talked some about social justice and Marvel comics. Like you do.

Go subscribe to the podcast on iTunes right now, and catch up real quick. It’ll take you shy of an afternoon, and you won’t consider it time wasted. I promise. Then, review it on iTunes and tell them that Jason sent you.

My Geeks Without God podcast appearance: Ancient Aliens

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