Curiosity’s first full-color Mars panorama

Low res, but what are you gonna do for the first set of images the nuclear powered rover has managed to snap? Note that these are in true color, though if what I heard on a mission press conference is any indication, might have been brightened somewhat due to low light conditions when the work started.

Curiosity’s first full-color Mars panorama
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10 thoughts on “Curiosity’s first full-color Mars panorama

  1. Vic

    This is awesome.

    However, it makes me want to see a true-color image to get a sense of how red the red planet really is.

  2. 7


    RTGs (used on Curiosity) aren’t nuclear-powered in the same sense as “nuclear fission”. They actually use thermal energy from the emission of alpha particles from Pu-238 (in most cases), and a thermocouple to convert that to electricity.

  3. 10

    Thanks for the link, thunk!

    I’ve heard about nuclear lighthouses and probes, but those documentaries never explained exactly how those smaller sources worked.

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