Bryan Fischer: “Kidnap children of gay parents!”

Bryan Fischer has really gone ’round the bend this time. He’s advocating that people kidnap children of gay parents to protect the kids from the evil homogay influence. What’s more, he’s calling this an Underground Railroad.

Apparently the anti-gay Liberty Counsel / Liberty University / Liberty Christian College / whatever, is responsible for at least one such kidnapping. One of their employees, Lisa Miller, was turned “ex-gay”, and after losing custody of her and Janet Jenkins’ adopted child Isabella, kidnapped the girl and stole her away to Nicaragua with the aid of sympathizers and evangelicals.

Here’s Fischer justifying this odious position on his show:

I don’t like to use terms like “monster” to describe someone, but these calls to monstrous action hit me straight in the gut, hard. I am very inclined to call Fischer a monster. What bothers me the most about this is that he’s a human being — he’s done all the intellectualization he needs of his ideas, predicated as they are on religiously-motivated bigotry. His philosophy is entirely internally consistent. And I think that’s what bothers me the most, what inclines me the most to try to dehumanize him — that nagging and scary fact that just anyone, just any human being, could be as twisted up and morally adrift as this man.

Bryan Fischer: “Kidnap children of gay parents!”

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  1. 1

    Yuck. This is sickening. 🙁

    Jason, I wonder sometimes if stuff like this in fact “religiously motivated bigotry.” I think when it comes to “Teh Ghey” that assholes like Fischer seem to think is some kind of plague, their bigotry exists independent of their religious dogma. Perhaps it’s closer to being “religiously veiled bigotry” or even “religiously supported”? Whatever, they’re bigoted, they hate gays, women, queers, etc., and they use religion as justification.

    Or maybe I’m overthinking this. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  2. 2

    If there was a Devil, he’d set good people against one another. He’d make ordinary people do bad things, and praise their goodness as they commit acts of evil. He’d set families against themselves, severing the bonds between parent and child in the name of preserving the very family he destroys. He’d rage at tolerance, he’d rail mightily against compassion. He’d endorse ignorance and call it wisdom. He’d preach hate and call it love. He’d call for unspeakable actions and people would support him, smug in their own righteousness. He’d cloak his opposition to basic rights in the language of those who fought for rights and won.

    Who needs a Devil, when a man like Fischer is capable of all that, and more?

  3. 5

    Just hang on a minute: does this not cross the line from free speech to advocacy of a criminal act?
    Where is the difference here of a muslim cleric advocating and inciting incinerating a symbol of non muslim power and him advocating the abduction of children?
    Where is the difference between the abduction of blond jewish children from jewish parents, which happened in Nazi Germany?

    That guy is a criminal, plain and simple, and I am (not) astonished that no legal measures are taken against the man.

  4. 6

    Anyone going to take his ass to court, I know that I do not have the finance or right to, but surely there is someone in the USA who does. Or do we just continue to blog about it and nod heads in agreement?

    I guess the latter, right?

  5. Pen

    that nagging and scary fact that just anyone, just any human being, could be as twisted up and morally adrift as this man.

    The history books are rife with them. Sometimes they operate en masse. Have you heard of the British Home Children? Or the kidnapping of Native American and Australian Aboriginal children? Both far better historical movement analogies than the Underground Railroad. People really do suck, don’t they?

  6. 8

    Yeah I was planning to mention the reprehensible kidnapping of aboriginal children to raise them to be civilised or at least to pretend to be white. The stolen generation was a damned good name for it

  7. 11

    If Fischer’s supporters were utterly sincere, they would all sign up to be foster/adoptive parents. With all the children in foster care adopted into loving Christian homes, the supply of innocent victims for people like me and my husband would disappear.

    I’m actually glad they’re too selfish, lazy and evil to do this, as that way we get to raise our two wonderful sons. Also, the kids don’t have to suffer the effects of being raised by people like Fischer.

  8. 12

    For all those times someone on FtB said DIAF! I would be pretty near agreeing with their sentiment in this particular instance. For the tiniest intellects like Fisher’s, what better way to spread the assholery of religious twaddle than stealing the infants of other people and infecting their minds with shit as well.

  9. 13

    There’s also the example of “crisis pregnancy centers” where women are coerced, manipulated, and lied to to get them to give up healthy babies for the rich Christian market. Unlike the other examples, this is ongoing. Maybe the idea of overt kidnapping isn’t really so out there for the average fundie. OTOH, why isn’t law enforcement interested in Fischer? Isn’t conspiring to kidnap an offense?

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