Curiosity successfully touched down on Mars

The terror is over. Our first 256×256 snapshot of the surface of Mars after the utterly terrifying touchdown sequence.

Eight years to plan and build this rover that’s bigger than your car and taller than you.

36 weeks of travel across 562 million kilometres of space travel.

And it missed its mark by a mere couple hundred metres.

Science rules.

Heard on the live NASA TV stream: “Holy shit!” I concur, good sir. I concur.

Curiosity successfully touched down on Mars

9 thoughts on “Curiosity successfully touched down on Mars

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    A triumph for the entire human race. Things like THIS are why I’m going into Astronomy and Robotics. I almost shed a tear at “touchdown confirmed”.

  2. 5

    The terror is over

    The Curiosity has triumphed!

    And shall now be satisfied.

    Somany people have worked and struggle dand fought sohard tomake this happen. To them : CONGRATULATIONS! and thankyou for sharing the ride. (Via NASA-TV and elsewhere.)

    Image here :

    Those tothose peopelat NASA-JPL from the Curiosity itself. Shadows and wheels upon the rusty sands of Mars – and we put them there. Wow. 🙂

  3. 6

    Yep, I’m buzzing. For clarity, that was intended to be :

    Through those people at NASA-JPL from the rover itself (we got that image.)


    So many people have worked and struggled and fought so hard to make this happen.

    I must remember to preview I know.

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    I’m old enough to remember watching the Apollo 11 landing and moonwalk (I was 14 at the time). I felt a similar sense of history-in-the-making as I watched this incredible machine emulate Neil Armstrong. The same thought struck me as in 1969: Man, what CAN’T we do!

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