A public service to koalas and skeptics

An image has been circulating recently throughout the intertubes depicting a wet koala looking absolutely terrifying with its hideous fangs:

Turns out that’s a fake.

The real image shows grumpiness, but not viciousness. Some wags apparently ‘shopped in a wolf jaw or something. Mind, koalas aren’t very sociable even if they’re not befanged. Don’t pet them. They have long claws.

Funny how many people got suckered in by that meme.

A public service to koalas and skeptics

19 thoughts on “A public service to koalas and skeptics

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    Really? Even though that lower jaw would stick out a good inch beyond the nose? The things people fall for astound me.

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    They also apparently have extremely high rates of chlamydia. New colleague just joined my lab once had to dissect out ovaries from roadkill for research…

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    ‘Tis Himself: Koalas have chlamydia! (Yes, it is true – a very large percentage of Aussie koalas have it)

    When I first saw the photo, I immediately thought “someone has shopped a Tasmanian Devil’s jaw on the koala”

    Of course, getting a photo of a Tasmanian Devil’s jaw like that isn’t easy anymore – there is an infectious cancer-like illness ravaging the devil population (their jaws actually look hideous when infected – most die of the complication “starvation”, as they can no longer eat with half their jaw missing – google it if you really need to)

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    Personally, I find the unphotoshopped version scarier. The photoshopped koala is showing us its scariest aspect and…well, they’re just fangs. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to get bitten by one, but they’re just big teeth. Unphotoshopped koala looks like it’s trying to decide whether to blast you with its rocket launcher or say heck with it and nuke Sydney from orbit.

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    Personally, I find the unphotoshopped version scarier.

    No kidding! My mind immediately conjured up gruesome visions of just what that… that thing was going to do to me.


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