CONvergence: Costume squee

There were a few major OMFSM moments for me with regard to costuming at CONvergence.

There was someone dressed as the true Commander Shepard from Mass Effect (e.g., not DickShep) — and they were even Renegade, with the heavy visible scarring. To top things off, they had the original N7 armor, with a damn good M-77 Paladin replica to boot. I’d share the pic I got, but I’d need to track down the con-goer and request permission.

There was also a male Aperture Science “volunteer” running around with a LEGO ASHPD (portal gun), which I also got a pic of, but I found a better demonstration here:

There was a contingent of objectified male superheroes that you should definitely see.

I also encountered about a dozen different folks cosplaying Homestuck characters. No overlap in characters, far as I could tell. At the Gender Differences panel, I even sat next to someone who’d used a 3D printer to fabricate Rose’s belt buckle and combat knitting needles. If there’s ever been a reason to buy a 3D printer, it’s to create props for cosplay.

I’ve never mentioned Homestuck before on this blog, have I? A few months ago, I discovered what I thought would be a silly little faux-adventure-game webcomic on a site called MS Paint Adventures. I thought it would be a funny little diversion that might take a day to get through the archives, but I was so very, very wrong. Not only was it not a faux-adventure at all, the “actions” at the bottom of each comic were (for the first few acts at least) all submitted on the site’s forums. An animated, user-driven “webcomic” whose plot intermingles philosophy, social dynamics, and games of all flavors and types. It begins like an adventure game, gains Sims-like overtones, and evolves rapidly into a reality-bending RPG.

Seeing so many people cosplaying characters from a comic that I’d only just discovered, and fallen in love with, was a major squee moment for me.

I have a scant few pictures that I definitely can share, that I need to post to the blog as soon as I’m able. That’s, unfortunately, not right now.

CONvergence: Costume squee

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    I’m sorry, Data Jack! For what it’s worth, I’m still posting these musings because I miss it too.

    It was very good to meet you, by the way! I don’t remember if I said it to your face, but it is vitally important to me that there are good people like yourself standing behind us, and equally important that you know that I appreciate it. 🙂

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    The objectified male superheroes picture is great. Spiderman looks darned ridiculous sticking his ass out, which I think is the point.

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    The fandom is pretty awesome too. A few bad eggs, of course, most overall they are extremely accepting and egalitarian.

    Normally if an author does something ‘controversial’ with the characters, you can expect a huge blow-up in the fandom. But when one of the main characters turned out to be gay, there was barely a fart.

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    I can’t believe I’m commenting about this again, but here it is:

    If you don’t know what Homestuck is, there is an very well-made video here that does an an excellent job of showing off how awesome Homestuck is without being too spoily. I’ve gotten about a dozen people hooked on the comic with this video so far.

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    Haha, if you like seeing Homestuck costumes you’re going to be pleased by basically any fandom con in North America. It’s both popular and easy to costume – Hussie even sells all the t-shirts and hoodies – so you see it all the time. I just got back from Otakon, where I spent the whole weekend pointing out Homestuck cosplayers to my friends in the halls. (They responded by pointing out MLP costumes.) Some of the costumes were really cool and not easy at all – my favorites were the Sawtooth, the Davesprite, and the first dead Dave. (The fact that I could recognize which dead Dave it was just by looking says something about both my nerdiness and the quality of the costume.)

    If you like Homestuck, check out Brainbent. Because our fandom is so crazy awesome, and awesome crazy.

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