The Mitt Gets Worse campaign

There’s an interesting riff on the It Gets Better campaign with regard to gay rights: Mitt Gets Worse. While Mitt Romney has several times proclaimed himself an ally to the LGBTQ communities, every time he’s had some chance to make life easier or more fair for gays, he’s done the exact opposite — take the story Julie Goodridge tells, where her partner couldn’t visit with their daughter when she was rushed to intensive care. His response to “what should I tell my daughter about how the governor of our state refuses to let her mothers marry?” “Tell her what you’ve told her for the past eight years.”

What a callous, unfeeling terror Mitt Romney is. I genuinely fear what might happen to any marginalized community’s rights if this man takes office. Religiously motivated bigotry will by all appearances run roughshod.

The Mitt Gets Worse campaign

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    What a callous, unfeeling terror Mitt Romney is. I genuinely fear what might happen to any marginalized community’s rights if this man takes office.

    It’s not just marginalized communities I worry about. Romney’s disdain for the working and middle classes are also evident. Essentially Romney doesn’t give a damn about anyone other than himself and a few of his equally rich buddies (and the Mormon Church, of course).

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    America is finished if Romney takes office!

    It will enter a dark age that will last longer then any presidential term…the damage done will be out of all proportion to the time he has to play god’s little helper to a nation and it will take many years, many tears and many deaths to reignite the light after he has gone.

    The man is a menace to society and a menace to the poor a menace to women a menace to teh ghey and a menace to the world.

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    Jasper, a President Romney who had a Republican Congress to work with could do an ENORMOUS amount of damage. If you think a Democratic minority in the Senate could put up some kind of resistance via the filibuster, you’re badly mistaken–a huge proportion of the reactionary damage the Right threatens (such as repealing the ACA) can be done through the reconciliation process, which can’t be filibustered. And even a Democratic filibuster would require a Democratic minority that’s WILLING to stand together for such an aggressive act–an entity that has not been in evidence for many years.

    You are simply incorrect about how “this obstructionism” works and what the Dems’ actual (woeful) prospects are for using it to their advantage.


    As for the ad in the original post, it’s a harrowing and justified one–but I wonder how broad the worthwhile target audience for it really is. Are there really a significant number of Americans who (1) would sympathize with a lesbian mother for being dealt with callously by Governor Romney but also (2) aren’t already solid Obama voters? Maybe I don’t have a good read on gettable “centrist” voters, but (for reasons connected to Goodridge’s story) I can’t understand how (m)any of them could be particularly interested in the humanity of GLBT people.

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