Amnesty International’s anti-torture video

Busy, full day, and I’m still down with the sickness otherwise. I just thought this video was important enough that you should watch it, so I’ll throw it up here with little extra to say about it. This video is an attempt to give you some idea what it’s like to be black-bagged and disappeared from your home, then tortured by the government.

You might not want to watch this if you have an overactive sense of empathy or if you’ve endured torture yourself.

The take-away message?

Nothing merits this. It wins us nothing. No friends, no reliable information, not even simple revenge.

How could anyone justify actions like these taken against another human being, no matter how horrible that human being is?

Amnesty International’s anti-torture video

7 thoughts on “Amnesty International’s anti-torture video

  1. 4

    I don’t know how they can justify it, but I’ve seen people do it: “It was war”, “They must have done something to deserve it”, and so on.
    Disturbing, and sad, but real

  2. F

    Well, not viewing it then, per your advice. I can watch some horrific things, other times, I cannot watch fictionalized representations. Not sure wherein the key to this lies, but I’m playing it safe today.

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