CONvergence: The Horror In Clay

I’m dyin’ of con crud here still. First day back at work, too. And I have a huge backlog of things to blog, but I’ll have to plug away at it as time allows.

I got to meet several FtB commenters at CONvergence, but one of my favorite new friends practically handed me a blog post within ten seconds of meeting. Niki M, who comments very infrequently but has started coming out of her lurker-shell recently, expressed adoration of me and Stephanie Zvan — while PZ Myers was in the room with us. She mentioned both of us specifically as people she reads regularly, while completely slighting PZ. This, needless to say, made me ecstatic and I had to shout “EAT IT, PZ! WE HAVE FANS THAT YOU DON’T!”

Sadly, it turns out she also reads PZ so my celebration was premature.

Happily, however, she also had three Surly beers on hand, and she gifted Surly Amy Roth with a Surly Furious — you might remember what I thought of those — and handed me the infinitely better Surly Hell. That’s right, I got to share a beer with a fan. And PZ didn’t.

What’s more, though, is that Niki told me about a friend of hers by the name of Jonathan Chaffin who just started a Kickstarter which has apparently been fully funded about four days ago: The Horror In Clay. Check this out.

Tiki mugs shaped like Cthulhu? MUST. HAVE.

I don’t care that this Kickstarter’s been 4x funded already. I’m throwing $40 their way right now.

CONvergence: The Horror In Clay
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14 thoughts on “CONvergence: The Horror In Clay

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    You’ve finally made it to the big time, Jason.

    Sadly, it turns out she also reads PZ so my celebration was premature.

    Oops, never mind. Maybe someday you’ll get into the majors.

  2. 5

    Niki M: Hush you.

    And by hush I mean keep posting.

    M. A. Melby: Very interesting, I’ll keep those in mind for my next visit. I have plenty of reasons to be back in Minnesota, so I’m sure I’ll find a suitable excuse one day. πŸ™‚

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    My husband is an avid home-brewer and got a kick out of these (there are several in the series):

    If you are back in the Minneapolis area anytime in the future, Olvalde Farm and Brewing Company makes wonderful beer. It is an extremely small brewery (one guy), so you’re not going to find it elsewhere.

    And, Pliny the Elder is actually pretty good and you can get it shipped to you. πŸ™‚

    If you haven’t already, if you have a chance to drink an on-tap Nitrogen Porter – do it – it’s not just a gimmick. I had ODell’s and it was awesome.

    …and yeah, Surly furious is not good.

    However, Voodoo Doughnut by Rogue is the worst beer I have ever had, ever, by far, it isn’t even close.

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    So the girl that reads your and Stephanie’s blogs that you used as an example to mess with PZ was me. (the math teacher) The beer and kick starter weren’t me. So I do read PZ sometimes… But, if it helps, you and Stephanine are in my RSS feed.

  5. 12

    Oh bloody hell, I’m sorry Maria! I think I somehow conflated the two of you out of some kind of disbelief that *two* people might have considered us worth reading.

  6. 13

    Wasn’t trying to nag about mixing us up, but to point out that your original reaction was warranted. You and Stephanie and Skepchick are my daily skeptical must read blogs. Was fun to meet two of my favorite bloggers. πŸ™‚

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