Coles Notes and alt audio for Don’t Feed the Trolls

Matt Lowry was so kind as to post his notes on the Don’t Feed the Trolls panel, which while it’s not a full transcript, certainly pulls out a lot of the relevant details.

In Canada, you call that a “Coles Notes”, after the Coles bookstore from whence these synopsis books come. I hear in America, the same idea is called CliffsNotes. I like Coles Notes way better, not the least reason being the unpretentious space included between the two words.

I’ve also done an alternate audio recording from the panel, so if you’re interested in the original take by Cristina Rad’s friend which is uploaded to Youtube presently, but don’t have the tech to hit Youtube at the moment, or just want to grab the mp3 for posterity, you can use this podcast doodlybopper like what I done used for the other two panels.


Also, here’s the mp3 link (20 megs) if you’d like to download it for later listening. Again, lose the -lr if you want a 128kbps version that doesn’t add much in the way of lost audio.

Don’t forget to visit Cristina’s original at her blog in case the ridiculousness in the Youtube comments didn’t do it for you with regard to rampant trolling and misogyny.

Coles Notes and alt audio for Don’t Feed the Trolls
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3 thoughts on “Coles Notes and alt audio for Don’t Feed the Trolls

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    I just had to wipe a tear away at the mention of Coles Notes. Last reference I had heard was an episode of Stargate Atlantis when Rodney had a line about them. That and the line about his silver Participaction medal made me very proud of Canadian geekiness.

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    Really? You still cover panels by Greg Laden? The violent abusive interlocutor who attempted to set off PTSD in one of your blog-mates? The one who taunted a veteran about whether he’d ever killed anyone or allowed anyone to be killed? That’s really not cool. May as well cover the Hoggle while you’re at it. At least his deluded threats were just to put things in people’s pockets, not violently attack them, like Greg threatened to do to Justin.

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