Fischer: Gay marriage will result in sex with animals

According to the perennially-wrong Bryan Fischer, if you allow gay marriage, you’re literally slippery-sloping right into sex with animals. Apparently, the only thing keeping Fischer from having sex with animals is the continued oppression of gays, so whatever you do, either keep the laws barring homosexuals from having equal rights, or keep Fischer away from your livestock.

About that Canada “lawsuit” he mentions, the APA was considering reclassifying pedophilia in parallel with gender identity disorder, but apparently didn’t go through with it. (If he’s talking about something else, I don’t know what.) Here’s the thing though — the targets-of-interest of pedophiles are demonstrably harmed by predations by these folks.

While I have the humanity to say that pedophiles should be helped to cope with their orientation such that they don’t harm children, I don’t have the temerity to say that there’s “nothing wrong” with that orientation. The fact that if they act on their orientation they hurt children, means we have to prevent them from acting on their orientation. It’s sad that someone could be born with a disorder that results in them hurting society, but we don’t say “murderous psychopaths are born that way and can’t be helped” and let them do their damage.

How any of this leads to zoophilia as a valid and supportable sexual orientation, I don’t know. Consider that the way you tell the difference between sexy fun times and sexual assault is informed consent. With that fact in mind, why might pedophilia (hebephilia) or zoophilia be societally-unsupportable paraphilias, where homosexuality is perfectly defensible?

It’s a rhetorical question with an obvious answer, but I suspect someone will come along and both ignore that question and answer, and the evidence Stephanie presented in the aforementioned post about hebephilia.

Fischer’s conflation of defensible and indefensible paraphilias is odious. But maybe he was born with a disorder that gives him sexual gratification for being bigoted, the religious motivation for his bigotry coming later.

Fischer: Gay marriage will result in sex with animals

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    Seriously, I’ve had a blog category for “gender” for a very long time, and that’s where all issues of gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation get thrown into. Sometimes, I make the conflation mentally when it shouldn’t be made. I’ve corrected that here. There should be an overarching word for all those things, but AFAIK, there isn’t. If there is, I’d change that category name to it in a heartbeat.

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    Apparently Fisher’s OK with having sex with animals, so long as the two are of opposite sexes.

    Like the cowboy who wanted to marry his horse, and was quick to point out that she was a mare.

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    @4. Tom Foss :

    “I know some people who are anxious for Fischer to be proven right”

    You beat me to it. That’s exactly the link I was going to post and I so love that song. Cheers, well done.

    (Also really love one of the top rated and recent comments left there.)

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    Actually, I had thought the ivory-tower social theorists really had come up with another extension of a definition, as is their wily wont.

    Maybe your usage will inspire one, and I will be able to use all the snappy takedowns I had in mind.

    There should be an overarching word for all those things…

    So the word has to have all those meanings, in a dom role. Hmmm…

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    The ONLY people I EVER hear talking about sex with animals is right-wingers. I don’t think it is coincidental that they have zoophilia on the brain pretty much nonstop.

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    @fastlane this thread for sheep jokes?

    Do we get bonus points if we can work Fischer into them?

    Sounds like you’ll need a lot of lube…

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    It’s sad that someone could be born with a disorder that results in them hurting society, but we don’t say “murderous psychopaths are born that way and can’t be helped” and let them do their damage.

    That should be “could (probably is) developmentally influenced by a multitude of factors to become inclined to pedophilia”, not “born with”. This gross oversimplification has got to die sometime.

    Also, don’t put discussions of pedophilia in juxtaposition with murderous psychopaths. (Or with rape, which happens so often that now pedophilia is considered synonymous with child rape, in large part due to the anxiety of conservatives in the media toward actually using the word ‘rape’.) That makes it seem like the two have something to do with each other. Most psychopaths (and sociopaths) are actually aware that what they are doing is wrong; they just don’t care. They shouldn’t be receiving any benefit of the doubt on whether killing is out of their control.

    As to what Fischer said, well, he’s an authoritarian theocrat with borderline totalitarian tendencies. Any breaking of the established rules will be used in a slippery slope argument toward the destruction of all civilization. He (and many others in his camp) speak this hyperbole on a daily basis, because stoking fear is part of their modus operandi and a key factor in the control structure. It’s not surprising or intelligible enough to be noteworthy on its own anymore.

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    So I wonder who Fischer would blame for this (the homosexual marriage or traditional marriage?):

    An Arizona man, his wife pleaded guilty to bestiality charges in court on Wednesday after police caught them using Craigslist to find a dog to have sex with.

    (for that matter, how would he handle learning about the bestiality cases that occured before gay marriage was allowed…)

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