Obamacare causes unemployment

What an absolute horrorshow the coverage of the Supreme Court announcement was.

To be absolutely clear, as a Canadian, I cannot fathom how people are seriously shouting to the rafters that the health care system in the States amounts to “socialism”, considering the Individual Mandate is a demand that people buy into an insurance policy from a capitalist oligopoly on penalty of governmental fines.

Providing medicare-for-everyone, or implementing single payer, would have been significantly better moves. And those would have been rightly considered socialist moves, because they undercut a marketplace where capitalism values money over lives. Even still, the middle class will pay significantly less overall as a result of the tax credits the bill provides. This isn’t a bad incremental improvement, but doesn’t go nearly far enough to rectify your health care system’s problems. (Hint: they all have to do with making money off of human misery.)

What a shame that one guy lost his job though. Obama’s ruining your economy! ZOMG!

Obamacare causes unemployment

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    What’s even funnier is the threats of a number of opponents of Obama-care to move to Canada, which, apparently unbeknownst to them, has a single payer (e.g. Socialist) system. Ignorance is truly bliss.

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    It also confuses the hell out of me why such a large part of the U.S. doesn’t want universal healthcare. It would be one thing if the private insurance market /worked/, but it demonstrably doesn’t. If people who HAVE healthcare can still go bankrupt when they get a life threatening illness it quite obviously sucks; whether it’s because of recission or deductibles or needing to pay for a certain percentage of care.

    I keep telling my hubby that if we get an opportunity to move to Canada we’re taking it! I’m a dual citizen and so is our daughter so we can get him landed immigrant status. I miss it up there.

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    @ marismae

    When people in the US are surveyed about the individual components of the ACA, they overwhelmingly are in favor of them. They aren’t opposed to universal healthcare, they’re opposed to anything that Obama is associated with.

    The ACA is virtually identical to programs proposed by the Republicans years ago and similar to programs signed into law by Mitt Romney. The only difference is who’s in the White House.

    The ones threatening to move to Canada are funny (in a sad way.) So are the ones who say in one breath “I don’t want socialized medicine” and “Keep your hands off my Medicare!”

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    Good point. Though most of what I hear from the people who are so against it is the individual mandate. They don’t want to be /forced/ to buy insurance if they don’t want to. They don’t seem to grasp that for all those provisions they like and want to keep… a mandate is necessary or costs will skyrocket instead of level out.

    I agree though, that hald the problem is that it’s being implemented by Obama and was passed by a Democractic House and Senate.

    I LOL’d at all the tweets about moving to Canada to escape ‘socialist’ America. Idiots. I keep hoping they were being ironic or sarcastic.

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    Speaking as a Canadian, I’d very much appreciate it if you would be so kind as to keep the whackjobs south of the 49th.

    We have our own whackjobs, and we’re trying hard to get them out of office.

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    “Providing medicare-for-everyone, or implementing single payer, would have been significantly better moves.”

    True, but bribes campaign contributions from insurance industry lobbyists would have made that unfeasible.

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