Let’s play harassment bingo

Time for some more crowdsourcing. Here’s my first bunch of squares for a harassment bingo card. Need a minimum of 24. I have 16.

Y u no name names?
“hysterical” / “histrionic”
Leave it to the cops
A policy would ruin our convention
Mistaking TAM for the entire community
“Leave DJ alone!”
Too ugly to be harassed
“dogmatic feminism”
“rumors” / “innuendo”
Denialism that harassment happens
mistaking “not a safe space” for “unsafe”
A pox on both houses!
“you’re being tribalistic”

The free square will be “10+ CONVENTIONS HAVE POLICIES IN PLACE”. Because that’s our current state of affairs.


Let’s play harassment bingo
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56 thoughts on “Let’s play harassment bingo

  1. 52

    Oh hell. Normally I’m so good with using “hir” or “zir” or even “their” when I don’t know genders or preferred pronouns. I don’t know where I got the mistaken impression. My bad.

  2. 53

    No worries, that’s why I included the smiley face. I mess that one up from time to time and definitely need to work on my use of language.

  3. 55

    “Dear Muslima” should be an insta-win, yes. Soon as you hear it, BINGO.

    Though the sentiment behind it is also covered in “This isn’t as bad as [X thing that’s really bad]” on Card 2.

    Ophelia: does “Bullies!” count? It’s close.

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