Let’s play harassment bingo

Time for some more crowdsourcing. Here’s my first bunch of squares for a harassment bingo card. Need a minimum of 24. I have 16.

Y u no name names?
“hysterical” / “histrionic”
Leave it to the cops
A policy would ruin our convention
Mistaking TAM for the entire community
“Leave DJ alone!”
Too ugly to be harassed
“dogmatic feminism”
“rumors” / “innuendo”
Denialism that harassment happens
mistaking “not a safe space” for “unsafe”
A pox on both houses!
“you’re being tribalistic”

The free square will be “10+ CONVENTIONS HAVE POLICIES IN PLACE”. Because that’s our current state of affairs.


Let’s play harassment bingo

56 thoughts on “Let’s play harassment bingo

  1. 52

    Oh hell. Normally I’m so good with using “hir” or “zir” or even “their” when I don’t know genders or preferred pronouns. I don’t know where I got the mistaken impression. My bad.

  2. 53

    No worries, that’s why I included the smiley face. I mess that one up from time to time and definitely need to work on my use of language.

  3. 55

    “Dear Muslima” should be an insta-win, yes. Soon as you hear it, BINGO.

    Though the sentiment behind it is also covered in “This isn’t as bad as [X thing that’s really bad]” on Card 2.

    Ophelia: does “Bullies!” count? It’s close.

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