The Horsewomen of the Feminist Apocalypse

Commenter Pteryxx observed on the guest post by Jacqueline S. Homan a few days ago that there were a total of four identified targets of misogynist sentiment in the original guest post and my in-line observation, and that they could therefore be the four horsewomen of the feminist skeptical apocalypse. Of course, there are much more than four women on the forefront of this fourth-wave feminism, even if you restrict yourself to the secular/atheist movements — there were at least eight identified in those comments at last count, and I could probably rattle off a half dozen more.

The comment thread did what comment threads do, and it eventually became a list of feminist women in the secular movement, and which My Little Pony character they’d be riding into battle astride.

Then embertine decided to draw them.

Here’s the first four she’s drawn. I hear she’s working on more, including possibly Maryam Namazie and Taslima Nasreen, Rebecca Watson on Pinkie Pie, and Stephanie Zvan on Applejack. (This is good because Applejack is the best pony. I even have a blog tag for that.)

Greta Christina with whip, on Rainbow Dash
Ophelia Benson with sword, on Twilight Sparkle
Natalie Reed with twin daggers, on Fluttershy
Sikivu Hutchinson with mace, on Rarity

Just to make it absolutely clear, these are not “The Four Horsewomen”. There are more than four. This is too big a job for four women to take on unsupported.

And for further lulz, manboobz discovered MRA bronies, so don’t think they’re afraid of MLP or anything. If anything, they’re afraid of the women themselves. Why else would they be rallying so fiercely?

Update: And here’s Rebecca Watson.

Rebecca Watson with chainsaw, on Pinkie Pie (updated)

Update2: And Jen McCreight!

Jen McCreight with mattock, on Derpy Hooves

Update3: Now Taslima Nasreen!

Taslima Nasreen with nunchaku, on Cherilee

Update4: Stephanie Zvan!

Stephanie Zvan with mallet, on Applejack
The Horsewomen of the Feminist Apocalypse

67 thoughts on “The Horsewomen of the Feminist Apocalypse

  1. 61

    Isn’t “Derpy Hooves” that really ableist fan name, and the pony is really called “Ditzy Doo?”

    Not as I recall.
    Ditzy Do/Doo was a referenced but (as far as I know) unseen pony named in “Winter Wrap-Up” as having gone the wrong direction to b ring back the migrating birds.
    At least in the initial version of the show where the grey wall-eyed mare in question was voiced, (I forget the episode title), Rainbow Dash explicitly referred to her as “Derpy”. That may have been changed when they altered the audio.

    It was initially a fan name, but has been ascended into canon, IIRC. Arguments over it being ableist continue to this day.

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