FtB and Rebecca Watson want TAM to succeed

A Google+ Hangout with ten of us uppity feminists whose irresponsible messaging have been destroying the secular movement. The takeaway is that we want TAM and the secular movement to improve. We want us all to be better.

I’ll tell you the truth, I was nervous the entire time. If I’m chattery or stupid, I’m sorry.

The harassment policy campaign timeline
In Medias Res: how to find the plot if you’re just tuning in

Same video on Pharyngula.

FtB and Rebecca Watson want TAM to succeed

20 thoughts on “FtB and Rebecca Watson want TAM to succeed

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    This will hopefully not be too much more difficult except that there are ten of us in the chat and we do crosstalk a little here and there. I will see about maybe finding some sort of reward for you like Stephanie did! 🙂

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    T-bow! Sheeesh! Way easier than I thought.

    You can across as very thoughtful and I appreciated that you were willing to say that some voices are…not adding to the conversation. There’s been a pandering element to DJ’s response (and non-response) that bothers me.

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    Jason, you didn’t seem nervous to me, good job. You were helpful with some facts that you knew from your study of the time line.

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    For some reason, I cannot even SEE the video icon much less watch it on here. I may have to switch over to Google Chrome. Plus I was prevented from responding to Mallorie’s post on the AlmostDiamonds blog where she denied making rape apologia and went ballistic on me. I tried to post a response, linking the post to one of your earlier blogs where Mallorie did just that, in regards to a 15 yr old girl, where you had repeatedly asked her to NOT make excuses for rape. Dunno why my post got moderated in attempting to answer Mallorie’s bold faced lie with proof that she is a liar.

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    Now THAT is the face of atheism/skepticism I would love to see pop into people’s minds when they wonder what sort of moral compass atheists/skeptics have. The more people that find the atheist community attractive enough to vote with their wallets and feet out of the churches, the less financial and political clout those institutions will have and the stranglehold of religion on the public can be loosened up considerably. You guys all did a fantastic job on this in addressing the issues. OK, so for me it’s back to the trenches to go open a can of whoop-ass on the USCCB and the Christian Right on behalf of womanity because somebody’s got to do it. :>

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    Jacqueline: I’ll ask Stephanie if your response went to spam. Akismet (the spam protection program we use) has a tendency of unceremoniously dropping anything with multiple links.

    I do hope your faith in us is well-placed. If anything, the skeptical community (those of us who are capable of skepticism of received dogmas like patriarchy anyway) should hopefully be well equipped to help with this fight.

    I need to write a post about the convergent evolution of various social justice movements. Hmm.

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    I very much enjoyed watching that — a group of grownups having a grownup conversation. So sensible, so forward-thinking, … in short, it gave me hope. Thanks for beings leaders, everyone in this video.

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