SSA Blogathon – Holy equal pay, Batman! (8 of 9)

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So this is slightly more off topic than the rest, but I’m running out of material already. I don’t envy those folks who went a full 24 hrs. They must have iron constitutions and a full tab bar. Or more minions than I do, to feed them stuff. Or they’re lousy dirty CHEATERS WHO BLOGGED AHEAD *ahem* I mean way better at this stuff than I am.

So back in 1963, a law was passed forbidding paying women less than men for the same work. And it had some celebrity endorsement!

And yet despite that law, women get 77 cents on a man’s dollar and Obama can’t get bills pushed through Congress to fix the wage disparity. Hey, when is the Republican War on Women going to end? When are women going to realize that they’re being stabbed repeatedly in the heart (or in some cases in the uterus) by these cads and stop voting them into office against their best interests?

And why are women mistreated? Because of our patriarchal society! And what props up the patriarchy most? Religion! And who helps young students break the shackles of religion?

(Yeah, okay, it’s a stretch.)

Also: “No time for jokes, Batgirl.” I guess even the Adam West Batman was kind of a jackass.

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SSA Blogathon – Holy equal pay, Batman! (8 of 9)

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