Obama Boy: I sense this is going to backfire.

Remember the “I’ve got a crush on Obama” meme that happened in 2008? The one that arguably helped win a bit of the youth vote? There’s evidently a new variation on that meme for the 2012 election cycle: a guy who has a similar “crush” on Obama.

Considering the very legitimate grievances gays have with Obama’s wishy-washy and states-rights-y stance on gay marriage, regardless of the fact that it is an incremental improvement over previous slavering homophobes in office, I can see this being very ill received by the gay community. It also doesn’t help that the guy doing the singing is apparently straight, and thinks this comportment he’s acting (what with the butt-jiggling and all) is representative of the gay experience. I suppose it MIGHT be, for some individual gay person, but I’m betting someone’s going to take issue with this representation.

I don’t know. I’m seeing this from the hetero-privileged perspective, and I don’t think it’s in any way affiliated with the official campaign in the same sense that the Obama Girl video wasn’t, so I think it might win a few votes and might tweak the noses of the aforementioned slavering homophobe party, but I can see this backfiring otherwise and in a very big and real way by earning outrage and LOSING more votes than was gained. What do you folks think?

Obama Boy: I sense this is going to backfire.

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    O.o Was the original straight version so… phallic? Because I gotta say, the only acceptable reason to prominently feature a hot-dog eating contest in this video is because it’s directly lifted from the original. Otherwise, it’s just another “joke” about cocksuckers.

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    Not that I recall Robert, but I’d have to go watch it again. I do know the corn dog thing is referencing a Michelle Bachmann incident that the more misogynistic elements of the progressive movement made hay out of. It’s kinda… shitty. To say the least.

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    Yeah, the misogynistic trashing of Bachmann, Palin, Coulter, and so forth has been an on-going embarrassment for the rest of us. It only takes a small number of abhorrent assholes to ruin the party for everyone.

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    So there’s hipster misogyny in his hipster homophobia? Awesome.

    *watches the old video*

    Yeeeeah, no. The straight version, despite the lyrics, is mostly about how sexy the woman is. The gay version has the singer dressed as unflatteringly as possible (and it must have taken real effort to make that man look scruffy) had him make a ridiculous face every two seconds, and stuffed the video with clumsy camp and offensive innuendo. Compare the subway car pole scenes from the two videos – one is meant to be sexy, and the other is meant to parodize sexuality.

    I wouldn’t call it backfiring, but only because I have trouble believing that gay folks were supposed to like this. It looks more like something meant to amuse straight folks with how funny gayness is.

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    Anyone who still has not clued in to the fact that after GWB Obama is even a greater disaster for American democracy is simply an idiot, no matter his stance on gayness.
    This is the guy who orders extra judicial killings, who perfected
    extermination by drone, who hasn’t repealed any of the surveillance law brought in by GWB, who actually violated the posse commitatus act by permitting to use American soldiers against american civilians – and you worry about his fucked up stance towards gays?
    An authoritarian government is being introduced in the US with interior drone surveillance as well, aimed towards all citizens – what the fuck is nobody talking about that? What about Chris Hedges lawsuit against the US government? Where is there any and all info about that here? Even Ed Brayton just mentioned that in passing.
    It is as if nobody realizes what is really happening.







    Read and weep about the insanity to blame one of the biggest lying presidents ever elected about his policies towards gays. It is the whole picture that condemns the man.

    Ahh…remember Guantanoma Bay detention camp? Still open, isn’t it?

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    Way to derail, kraut. While we’re at it, what’s the point of discussing Obama at all when there’s children starving in Africa?

    Seriously, how do you even know that any of us here are unaware of anything you just said? It’s not like these topics never come up around FtB. This, otoh, is a thread about a stupid YouTube video. You’re doing this “you can’t talk about what you’re talking about, you have to talk about what I want to talk about” move, and it’s really not okay. It’s a thing that trolls do.

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    Hey, arsehole, if you think it is a derail, why do you respond to it? You could have chosen to ignore, but apparently my hint of how awful Obama really is when compared to the idiotic and trivial video must have disturbed you mightily.
    How can one explain an idiotic comment like that otherwise: “While we’re at it, what’s the point of discussing Obama at all when there’s children starving in Africa?”

    In case you haven’t notice, I was discussing Obama.
    But for shitheads like you ignoring links and avoiding the bigger picture of an asshat like Obama seems to hint to the hurt of having an ex hero being dismantled and shown what he really is – the instrument of the ruling elite of the US, as Mr. Harper is here in Canada. Now the latter is a diversion if you like.

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    Oh, and in case you do not get it: I am dismayed how in a septics forum a president that by now has successfully dismantled most the rule of law in the US can be trivialized by sideshows like that.
    In the face of the reality of an America that sees itself as a true empire ruling the world without consequences to its actions, poised to start another few wars, clandestine through special ops and drone attacks against whoever, or by open attacks on Iran, I find what happens here simply vomit inducing.
    Why not show Hitler fondling puppies or Stalin fucking his wife to show how human they really were? That to me is comparable to what happens here.

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    Oh, would you have gone away if I’d ignored you? Would getting no response have convinced you that your comment was off-topic, unwanted, and not actually news to anyone? That would make you different from every other jerk I’ve ever met, but there’s a first time for everything I guess.

    We’re not going to cancel the whole internet so that everyone can talk about how this president is a dictatorial asshole too. Everyone on this side of the Great Lakes figured out the pattern back in 1834 or so. You can sit around and complain about that some more if you want, but I’m just going to keep making fun of you for it.

    It wasn’t a septics forum until you got here, dude. Keep up the good work.

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    I guess my spelling mistake (thanks for pointing that out) actually better reflects reality – with or without me.
    Oh, and may I ask what the great and wise canucks have figured out since 1838?
    Afaik the so called rebellion began in 1837. I guess making fun of me does not include fact checking.

    Anyhow, keep wearing the dunces cap and fiddle while the financial and industrial elites manage to further erode any economic stability to enhance their power over a progressively disenfranchised populace that is nothing more than cannon fodder and financial resource for those who truly rule.

    You are welcome to make fun of me, if trivialities are more important than the real issues of a capitalism gone berserk and resembling more and more a feudalism with instruments of control that permit true control over a population, a wet dream of any authoritarian.

    Sleep well, and I promise do not further disturb you dreams.

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    Earth to kraut, Earth calling kraut: we were talking about a YouTube video.

    Imagine this scene in real life. You’re in, say, a coffee shop, and at the next table some people are watching something on a laptop and talking about it. They’re friendly folks and it’s a public place, so if you wanted to look over their shoulder and join their conversation, it would be perfectly cool with them.

    Instead, you hear the word Obama and immediately flip the fuck out. You start haranguing them about how Obama is a terrible president who’s wrecking the country, and listing off a bunch of websites that they should be reading right now instead of watching that video.

    I want you to notice: they weren’t even talking about how good or bad Obama is. This means you’ve just been incredibly rude by presuming to change the topic of someone else’s conversation, but that’s not all. It also means that you have no fucking idea whether or not your towering indignation is even remotely necessary. For all you know, these folks could have just gotten back from protesting in front of the White House, and stuffed in their trunks are signs saying all the things you just shouted at them. Perhaps they plan to go back and protest some more, after taking this brief break to drink coffee and watch YouTube. You have no idea, because they weren’t talking about their opinions of Obama at that particular instant. But no, they were discussing something you didn’t care about in public, so obviously they are bad and wrong and must be yelled at.

    Do you see how this makes you an asshole?

    (By the way, I live on the south side of the Great Lakes. 1834 is the year they tried to impeach Andy Johnson after his ignorant gold-standard bullshit wrecked the economy. And telling a gay guy discussing heterosexism that he’s wasting his time and should be focusing on something more important, that’s an awesome habit to be in. You should totally keep doing that.)

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