SSA Blogathon – My shift begins! (1 of 9)

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It’s my turn with the Secular Student Alliance baton for the Freethought Blogs portion of the SSA Blogathon, it would seem. I’m taking a short shift from 10pm AST through 2am AST, adding a post every half hour, with the option to — if I’m insomniac or crazy or whatnot — go into overtime after my scheduled time. My going plans are to go video- and link-crazy, as well as asking you to pose any random questions which I’ll answer. My posts may go stream-of-consciousness relatively early on. Fair warning.

This is the first post, and I’ll post every half hour through and including 2am AST. I can’t remember who picks up the baton then — I think it’s Greg Laden at Xblog. I’m sure I’ll have someone throw me a link. Or maybe I’ll go look at the SSA blogathon page.

I don’t have much to offer as incentive, as I can’t sing, crochet, play an instrument or write a novel. I think maybe if you donate $10, I’ll answer pretty well any sort of question you want. Even if I’ve answered it before. Even if it’s a dumb question or a deep question. I can’t guarantee the answer will happen during this stint, but I’ll get them all, I promise. Hell, even from trolls, as long as you prove you donated and the receipt shows Lousy Canuck on it. Of course, if you be trollin’, expect a trollish answer. I can’t guarantee I can answer the way you want me to, especially if you ask questions that aren’t my story to tell, but I’ll try my damnedest to actually answer whatever you ask as honestly as I can.

You can see what we’ve already collected on the right in the sidebar. There was a gigantic seed donation of $50,000 to start off, but all the rest has come in small increments. If you have $5, and you want to support the excellent support structure that atheist and agnostic students get by having a local SSA chapter, by all means, kick in what you can.

And I’m going to rip off JT’s outro! Now to begin pulling stuff out of my feed readers and Youtube subscriptions. Maybe cat pictures if I can find cute ones on my iPhone. ANYTHING GOES IN THIS WILD AND CRAZY BLOGATHON!

This is post 1 of 9 for the SSA Blogathon. Total donors is at 584, with $82,799 donated! You can still donate to the SSA by supporting other blogathoners, art contributors, personal fundraising pages or through a direct donation to the SSA. SSA Week lasts through June 17th. Spread the word!

SSA Blogathon – My shift begins! (1 of 9)
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