SSA Blogathon – Jay Smooth Vs. Misogynist Internet Trolls (3 of 9)

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So you remember all that nonsense misogynist flack Feminist Frequency took for daring to talk about female tropes in video games? Jay Smooth tore that shit up.

Ill Doctrine: All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones from on Vimeo.

From the transcript:

But it’s still been an intensely ugly spectacle that raises a whole lot of questions about why this happens so often and why so many dudes think it’s okay to persecute and harass and abuse women online. A lot of these dudes, if you challenge them, will tell you that they don’t have any real feelings about this, and they’re just trolling for the fun of it. That they don’t really hate women, they just think that it’s funny to treat women as if they hate them. And that–I mean, first of all, you’re lying to yourself, there’s clearly more to it than that, and second of all, that doesn’t make it any better! Only someone who hates women and sees them as less than human would even think that’s a meaningful distinction. And I don’t know what I could say that would get through to someone who is so invested in detaching from their own humanity, so I–I’m just going to think about that and come back to it.

And for now, I’m just going to say to everyone else, and especially my fellow dudes, that when you see something like that going on, you–and by you, I mean we–have an obligation to speak out against it more often. It’s really not cool for us to just shrug our shoulders and say, “That’s just 4chan being 4chan.” And it’s REALLY not okay for you to jump in to somebody’s discussion of this harassment and derail it with a bunch of comments about, “But sure, harassment is bad, but men are discriminated against, too! Women are always making something out of nothing buh buh buh buh buh!” No, man! Now is not the time for that! If you need to have that debate, there are plenty of other times for that.


Know who else supports people who are being harassed mercilessly? THE SSA. No, seriously. Okay, maybe not *specifically* about girls and video games, but they do. I’ll show you how in the next post!

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SSA Blogathon – Jay Smooth Vs. Misogynist Internet Trolls (3 of 9)

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    I agree that we should speak up against sexist comments in video game comment boards, but by saying that men shouldn’t also mention similar situations where they are the target (on internet comment boards, where it is common to hear some women say that all men are lazy/stupid/immature ect) isn’t that increasing sexism rather than decreasing it? Isn’t the whole point of gender equality that we should have the same standard for both genders?

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