The Apple Blossom Parade

The third largest continuous parade in Canada happens practically in our back yard. My wife took some great photos of the parade and posted them to her Flickr stream, but I wanted to show you a few highlights to give you an idea of how these parades usually go. I skipped out on this one to catch up on some sleep and housework, so I didn’t see it firsthand, but I’ve been to a few. I only regret missing the last picture, below the fold…

The RCMP usually play a big part in the parade -- who doesn't love a Mountie in uniform?

Of course, they're not our real military. These guys are.

I wish one of them would do something about this guy though. Creeeeepy.
One of the runners-up for the Apple Blossom Festival "Princess" competition. (It's what it sounds like, sadly.)
There's almost always bagpipes
Less frequently, there are pirates.
Technically, you can't call this one a "float" since it couldn't get up stairs.

There was apparently also a float with pole dancers, I guess to advertise a local school. They were, naturally, fully clothed. This is a rather conservative area, so I doubt they are trying to promote it as anything but a way to get fit, like a health club. Sure, there’ll be innuendo and more sexualized reasons to attend (like wanting to put on a show for “your man” or some such), but it’s almost certainly an attempt to show pole dancing as a sport. It’s sure as hell difficult enough, by all appearances.

Anyway, that last picture is an advertisement for HalCon, which Jodi and I will almost certainly attend.

I’ve embedded the Flickr images directly, and while I can see them, it may just be because they’re already in my cache. Let me know if I’ve screwed up, and I can download and host them here.

The Apple Blossom Parade

9 thoughts on “The Apple Blossom Parade

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    I live just up the road from Apple Blossom Central (Kentville) and I avoid the place like the plague during The festival. Traffic is horrendous. I guess I turned into a grumpy old man sometime over the last 13 years…my kids and I won “Judges Choice” for our costumes in the festival’s children’s parade circa 1999.

  2. 5

    Hard to think Kentville could have the third largest anything in Canada 🙂

    Not that I saw too much of it rolling in and out of Camp Aldershot, usually in the dark.

  3. 6

    “who doesn’t love a Mountie in uniform?

    …’cuz they’re probably not in “Taser on sight” mode.”

    After several murders by RCMP officers here in BC I have lost all respect for the force.
    I as an immigrant admired them very much at one time based on historical achievements, but their behaviour during the last several years, their managerial incompetence and their treatment of female officers let me to regard them as one thing only: an internal enemy and a danger to the public.

  4. 7

    Damn it I missed a Dalek! And this is the first year I hardly thought about heading back to NS for Apple Blossom.

    Major hugs to Jodi for taking some great pics. It’s not quite as good as being there, but enough to make up for only seeing pics of the Wolfville float so far.

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