Some sick freak is mailing body parts to the Conservative Party of Canada (Update: and Liberals too!)

I thought about starting this post by saying “look, I hate the CPC as much as the next guy”, but quickly realized that evidently, I don’t. Someone — possibly multiple someones — has sent two body parts to the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters.

Police would not say what the body part was, nor where it was found, though they did say it was not found at the Conservative Party offices on 130 Albert St. where the foot was sent.

Media reports said the second package, containing a human hand, was not addressed to the Tory headquarters. Police said the major crime unit continues to investigate.

Police were called to the building at 11:20 a.m. ET after a suspicious package was delivered there. Police called for the hazardous materials unit after they noticed what appeared to be blood on the package.

It’s interesting that the foot was mailed directly to the Tories but the hand wasn’t. I don’t know what that means yet.

I can envision a few scenarios where this might make sense to some deranged person — in protest of the Tories and Harper’s government’s policies, as a taunt to the police to catch a serial killer, maybe even mailing the body parts of someone they felt was victimized by the government out of revenge. I can only hope that the parts come from the same body, rather than two different ones, and that the person those parts belonged to was not freshly killed for expressly this purpose. Regardless, this story is disturbing on a number of very visceral levels.

Update: Holy shit. Okay, it’s not targeted at the CPC at all. The hand was delivered to the Liberal Party. And they have the rest of the body, and a suspect who’s been known to kill kittens on video, who may or may not have a link to Karla Homolka.

Montreal police are looking for Luka Rocco Magnotta in connection with the delivery of a human left foot to the Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa and the discovery of body parts found in Ottawa and Montreal.

Police said Magnotta, 29, also known as Eric Clinton Newman, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant and police are asking for the public’s help to find him.

Police said Magnotta knew the victim whose torso was found in Montreal on Tuesday.

Some sick freak is mailing body parts to the Conservative Party of Canada (Update: and Liberals too!)

16 thoughts on “Some sick freak is mailing body parts to the Conservative Party of Canada (Update: and Liberals too!)

  1. 1

    While the actions are horrible I have to make a confession….

    I find some of the comments on the news story hilarious in a dead baby joke so wrong but I can’t stop chuckling kind of way. I’m probably a bad person >.>

  2. 2

    The foot was to the CPC. the hand was to the LPC.

    The torso was discovered Tuesday morning, shortly before a senior staffer at the Conservative Party of Canada office in Ottawa partially opened a brown-papered package, which was later found to contain a severed left foot.

    Police tracked a second package, which contained a hand, to the Ottawa Postal Terminal and stopped its delivery later Tuesday night. That package was addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada.

  3. 4

    Sometimes I have to admit that I am no longer surprised by what someone can/will do. I really haven’t become numb, I can still get disgusted, appalled, etc., but not surprised. I wish that I could remember where I read this, but I am constantly reminded that ‘civilization is a thin veneer.”

  4. 7

    Vaguely related I just had the news on in the background while eating supper and they kept saying over and over that he was a bisexual low end porn star. I just kept wondering why does this even matter.

  5. 8

    And apparently he’s addicted to plastic surgery.

    And he made a video of himself murdering the victim, dismembering the body and eating parts of it. Sick, sick, sick.

    I have to wonder if other body parts are on their way to the NDP and Bloc Quebecois.

  6. 9

    I really, REALLY, dislike the bi-porn angle. So fucking what? How does that inform any aspect of this guy’s apparent psychopathy?

    By the same token, I don’t think his addiction to plastic surgery is terribly relevent, except insofar as he apparently might dislike how he looks.

  7. 10

    @Jason Thibeault #9:

    How does that inform any aspect of this guy’s apparent psychopathy?

    Is it not newsworthy enough that there’s a kitten-killing cannibal on the loose, threatening public officials and violating postal code!?
    No, no, we must hear about his hobbies. Things like devil music and minorities are the real story. Gotta add that stuff to make the gory sociopath sound weird and unsympathetic.
    @MichaelD #1:

    so wrong but I can’t stop chuckling kind of way. I’m probably a bad person

    If you’re actively looking, hover over ellipses for Fark’s punchlines:

    – Hand, foot and now a partial body in Montreal.

    – “Police say body parts found in Montreal, Ottawa, linked.”

  8. 11

    @Myself #10: Since I accidently juxtaposed terms, it’s worth mentioning their fuzzy difference.
    Article: Wikipedia – Psychopathy vs Sociopathy
    The linked Antisocial Personality Disorder page mentions

    However, most modern psychologists now use the terms “psychopathy” and “sociopathy” interchangeably.

    Aside: Jon Ronson lately has been doing another batch of podcast/print interviews about his book on the Psychopath Test. Heard an hour-length one last year; pretty interesting, but I can’t find that particular one again to link.

  9. 12

    Apparently, he invited one of his neighbours to his apartment shortly before he disappeared. The guy refused. I have to wonder if he was going to be the victim or a witness…camera man, maybe?

  10. 15

    It seems the article has been taken down. I found it in my history list and it took me to something entirely different. The part I was referring to was a conversation with a guy who used to act in horror movies or something like that in the 80’s. The suspect invited him over to his apartment to discuss how to move to real movies from his previous work. The guy refused the invitation. Based on the timing, that refusal may have saved his life.

  11. 16

    The Montreal police are saying there’s no evidence linking this guy to Homolka, and the timing of when each of them lived in Montreal would make it unlikely.

    The only way the “addicted to plastic surgery” might be relevant is if they found a surgeon who said “I did surgery on his face after that photo you’re using was taken” or even “I did thus-and-such work, which might have affected his appearance.”

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