Vicar now preaching the REAL king of kings

Well, it’s a start.

Via the UK’s Mirror:

Andy Kelso, 64, claimed he received a message from God to spread the word of The King of rock ’n’ roll.

So he ditched his dog collar for a white jewelled jumpsuit and now belts out Elvis classics to packed audiences in pubs and clubs – and even churches.

He quit as Reverend at Christ Church in Matchborough, Redditch, Worcestershire, last year after more than a quarter of a century as a Church of England vicar.

But he says his former congregation are fans of his act.

Andy said: “I recently went to a care home where most of the patients had dementia.

“I was wondering how I would go down but as soon as I appeared as Elvis and started singing, the residents came alive and started singing and dancing.

“It was amazing and very humbling.

Yes, that’s all very interesting, but what’s more interesting is that we have proof of Elvis’ existence. The way you’re touching people’s lives now, through Elvis, is real. It’s true. And that’s a far more worthy profession, if you ask me.

The bit at the end of this article about Elvis “never stopping believing in Christianity” despite leaving the church is amusing, since everyone seems to want to claim The King as their own.

Vicar now preaching the REAL king of kings

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