David Barton: punish homosexuality, “I don’t care what the Supreme Court says”

I know Chris Rodda is probably going to cover this eventually, because, I mean, look at the target. But since I’m doing an ongoing series of Youtube clips of religiously-motivated anti-gay bigotry that’s come scuttling out from the dark recesses of the public dialog on whether homosexuals are human beings with rights, I figure I might as well add this here.

So, theocracy then, is it? The Rule of the Bible vs. the rule of law? You do realize that that’s Sharia, only, you know, using a different book, right?

Hat tip Right Wing Watch.org.

David Barton: punish homosexuality, “I don’t care what the Supreme Court says”

8 thoughts on “David Barton: punish homosexuality, “I don’t care what the Supreme Court says”

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    US Constitutional law is to be treated the same as theology in Barton’s mind. His interpretation is the only correct one, so anything the Supreme Court has to say about it is Wrong™.

    The idea that Sharia Law and Mosaic Law are so similar causes Barton’s few working synapses to overload, sort of like Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet. Until his cognitive dissonance circuits kick in, he’s stuck in a loop.

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    Hmm, I don’t know about where you live, but around here the people who are most committed to practicing and preaching the Mosiac laws are pretty furrin lookin. They got beards, funny hats, and little curlicues coming =out above their sideburns. There aren’t but a few of them, unlike up in New York.

    It’s nice to see Barton being exposed. He has taken up the mantle of the Gablers here in Texas since their deaths. I think the Gablers did a lot more damage then Barton has done.

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    Mike has it exactly right. There’s no cognitive dissonance here. Barton and friends don’t think the problem with Sharia is that it’s theocratic law. They think the problem is that it isn’t THEIR theocratic law.

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    In the minds of people like Barton, Shari’ah is Satanic because the imams wear turbans. Mosaic law is the Real Law because preachers wear neckties and look ‘Merican.

  5. 5

    Shorter Barton:

    The law of the land is only meant to apply to those evil ones, not to the righteous true believers like me.

    OK. Now I get it.

    The man’s an ass.

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    I truly wish the ‘Right Wing Watch’ folk would have let this play out a little longer. I don’t want to buy the damn DVD set. I have no respect for Barton. But, hey, I’m a skeptic.

    I’m a little suspicious when a clip is cut that close to the heart of the matter. If anyone has transcript past this point, I’d love to see it.

  7. 8

    @ ^ Brad : Me too.

    That did cut suspiciously short. Wonder if he backtracked afterwards in the bit that was chopped out? Context can make a big difference.

    Still, such an outrageous and crazy thing for Barton to say at all and apparently seriously. What an evil arsehole.

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