Another self-Godwin: Baptist pastor for queer concentration camps!

My focus has been on gay rights lately primarily because the Western world’s focus has been on gays. While Obama’s stand was hardly a stand at all, triangulating and capitulatory to states rights (and thus individual states’ rights to violate human rights) as it was, I happen to think this shift in national focus is one of the good things about his announcement. Getting us talking about gay rights again is the surest way to make change, to get people to recognize gay rights as human rights, especially with waxing public support for gay marriage.

Except it also seems to be bringing all the asshats out of the woodwork with their religiously-motivated bigotry. And this guy, Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina, gets a gold star.

While one pastor calls gay rights akin to Hitler, another is perfectly willing to unabashedly suggest making gay concentration camps. How completely rational. Every value you exhort in this video, I’m aginn’ it, and you personally make me pukin’ sick. You and your three or four “amen” sycophants.

Hat tip to, well, everyone bringing this video up pretty well everywhere.

Another self-Godwin: Baptist pastor for queer concentration camps!

9 thoughts on “Another self-Godwin: Baptist pastor for queer concentration camps!

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    If these bigoted republicans have their way, the US federal government would be drastically reduced to a level even mittens could count: 2. There would be the Federal Bureau of Inquisiition and the executioner.

  2. 3

    Was he drunk? His gibberish was all over the place there. He could at least have called his enclosures “queercentration camps”.

    Ooh better idea, someone suggest that since teh ghey is everywhere these days, it’d be cheaper to build his electrified safe fence around himself and his bigoted mates, that way it’ll keep reality from intruding, I’m sure kind people will airdrop food for him

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    apparently in 1978 this ‘pastor’said during another rant that they used to hang homosexuals from a white oak tree back in the day. More of that good compassionate love from god fearing christers. It’s the good ole boys handing out god’s judgement. It’s KKKrazy

  4. 6

    You know who else sent gay people to special camps?

    These guys. (Why, who did you think I was talking about?)

    But, um. I’m not comfortable with making fun of Worley’s accent/dialect. Surely he offers a big enough target of privileged oppressive douchebaggery, that we don’t have to aim at “hur hur he talks like a dumb hick.” Imagine an atheist and/or LGBT person with that exact accent. It’s likely that people like that pastor and his flock are prominent in hir community, and giving hir crap every day. Ze doesn’t need to take splash damage from us, too.

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    This guy is so gay, so so gay, at the end “Could you imagine kissing some man”….pause…thinking about it….really thinking about it and then snapped out of it….”My god I love you fellas”

    sooooo gay

  6. 9

    Thanks, Jason.

    michael, he’s right – you said it like being gay was an insult or a joke. That makes me pretty uncomfortable no matter how little I like your target.

    Actually, if this guy was gay, that would be pretty much the one thing that would make me sympathize with him. It would make him a victim, punished so hard and so often for what he is that he can only feel good about himself by copying his abusers and making himself even more horrible than they.

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