Harry Jackson: “Gays = Hitler.”

Ho hum, yet another religiously-inspired bigot who thinks being disallowed from their bigotry is something akin to a cultural Holocaust. These people aren’t getting any cleverer.

The icing on the cake, I think, is when he says that gays can’t reproduce, so they must “recruit”. Like being a minority and trying to get equality is a numbers game — that they’re fighting for rights to marry one another (and have all the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples), just so that they can more effectively form two-person recruitment cells or something. The very presence of a pair of gay men in your neighborhood will cause further gayness! Maybe they’ll go door-to-door asking “have you heard the good news about buttsex?” Or something.

I can’t even try to argue this seriously. There’s no “there” there.

Harry Jackson: “Gays = Hitler.”
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16 thoughts on “Harry Jackson: “Gays = Hitler.”

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    Gays don’t suffer from infertility…it’s not that hard to figure out how to get around the same sex problem and no gays were ever het-married and got divorced after having children?

    Worse, this is the same kind of idiocy on biology that supported the forced sterilization in the early 20th century in the US. The argument is “If ‘folks with defects’ weren’t allowed to reproduce, we’d get a nice happy future without those defective people.”

    That’s not how biology works.

    First, not all genotypes (even maybe less than half?) express the identical phenotypes. In plainer English, just because you have certain genes, it doesn’t mean you’re destined for a certain outcome. The environment and just plain old chance has an impact as well. This means you don’t always know or can’t identify all the ‘defective’ people in the population.

    Second, new mutations, assortments, and other stuff happens to recreate the ‘defect.’

    Please note that I don’t consider being gay as a genetic disorder rather that “2 gay guys can’t make a baby so the population of gays can only come from recruitment” is a bogus argument from a basic biology standpoint. I do assume that there is a genetic influence but not that genes are 100% determinative of ‘gayness’.

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    The Gay Agenda is merely a cover for a far, far more insidious agenda. Why aren’t they informing people about the radical Asexual Agenda? How dare those sexless Freaks recruit and brainwash people into Their fiendish aim of Lacking Sexual Attraction to other people! Think of the children!!


    I actually wouldn’t be surprised to hear bigots like him saying things like that. It’s just as ridiculous as what he’s saying here.

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    What baal said, in triplicate, underscored and in a very heavily-serifed font. They are also predicating their beliefs on the idea that two gay people, if able to reproduce with one another, would produce another gay person. We *don’t know that*. We do know, however, that gay parents of adopted children, or children from previous heterosexual marriages, will produce kids who are more tolerant. And that, in itself, is already anathema to Jackson’s message of bigotry.

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    “The very presence of a pair of gay men in your neighborhood will cause further gayness!”

    If you genuinely believe that being gay is a choice (which they kind of have to, because the only other option they have is that God chooses some people to be gay), then it follows that it’s a choice that you can be persuaded into making.

    And even if they accept that some people have a greater propensity than others to be tempted by the idea, they still hold that it’s wrong to give into that temptation – i.e. they still hold that it’s better for people who have homosexual desires if they suppress those feelings, which such people are less likely to do if they have visible examples of out gay people not obviously suffering any psychological turmoil.

    So if you start from the premises they’re starting from, a pair of gay men in your neighbourhood really will cause further gayness. It’s a very silly idea, but at least it’s internally consistent.

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    I realized that I was gay when I was eleven. This was in 1960. There were no other gay people anywhere as far as I knew, except for Liberace and he was only on television. I was a pretty smart, well-read kid for my age and I quickly figured out the connection between attractive boys and men and the fact that Little Willy was demanding attention. It took me a few years to realize that this was a good thing. I grew up Catholic and the rule was no sex until you were married and were doing it only to make babies. That meant no sex at all for me. I quickly rejected that idea and had to develop my own sexual morality. I did all that without anyone making me do it.
    I fathered three kids, two of them still living. Both of my sons are straight. Everyone gay parent I personally know has straight kids. All of them are happy and sane. I don’t understand the controversy.

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    I grew up Catholic and the rule was no sex until you were married and were doing it only to make babies. That meant no sex at all for me. I quickly rejected that idea and had to develop my own sexual morality.

    I had a good friend in college in the same situation (well, almost, he was a convert) but he came to the opposite solution: He became a priest. Didn’t work out so well.

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    Okay, since this thread comes pre-Godwinned, I’m going to go right ahead.

    That’s like comparing Jews to Hitler. Gay people were victims of the Holocaust.

    Hey, buddy, you know what the difference is between gay rights and the Holocaust? When a gay dude tells you to die in a fire, you don’t actually have to die in a fire.

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