Pat Robertson: “Believe archaeologists. Except about origins, coz they weren’t there!”

Oh, Uncle Pat. You’ve hoisted yourself on your own petard again, haven’t you? In suggesting that Christians should believe geologists when they talk about stuff that happened three hundred million years ago, but not what scientists say about the origin of life “because they weren’t there”, you’re making the biggest argument from ignorance there is, and undercutting yourself in the very same breath.

But you’re so steeped in your religion you don’t even recognize that blatant failure. Not even when there isn’t adequate punctuation between your thoughts. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Pat Robertson: “Believe archaeologists. Except about origins, coz they weren’t there!”
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10 thoughts on “Pat Robertson: “Believe archaeologists. Except about origins, coz they weren’t there!”

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    Pat Robertson no longer scares me: he is but a doddering old fool, incapable of critical thought at this point. What really scares me is the talking head going “um-hum” each time he makes some stupid pronouncement–you’d think she’d at least still have some functioning brain cells.

    I do confess, however, to be amused by the notion that one should reject the ideas of “they [who] weren’t there when it happened.” Seems to me the religion ol’ Pat espouses is based entirely on the testimony of those who weren’t there “when it happened,” giving plenty of reason to suspect it never did.

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    “The earth is 6,000 years old, because my religion says so.
    It’s okay to believe archeologists about stuff that’s 300 million years old.
    But it’s not okay to believe them about stuff that’s 4.5 billion years old, because my religion says so.”


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    According to AIG, Pat isn’t a young earther, so it is possible that he would be open to a 4.5 billion-year-old earth, which would jibe with his “geologist” remark.

    Maybe he trusts Geology because rocks don’t normally move on their own and you can touch them, taste them, etc, whereas fossils represent scary extinct creatures who laid their eggs in the boiling waters, only to be gobbled up every three minutes by the giant sea orphans and jungle bunnies, which scared everybody.

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