Skepticon Swag!

Going to Skepticon? Want to show up in style? Want free swag? Want to support me, personally, instead of those other smelly lazy uncouth bloggers elsewhere on this network? Had enough rhetorical questions delivered in a rapid-fire manner? Well, boy howdy, are you in luck!

Skepticon T-Shirt Pre-order Information

Skepticon shirt title: Sweet Jesus, that'll make one hell of a dish rag someday!
Click for a close-up!

Shirts are $20 each with free shipping.
Sizes up to 5XL (additional cost starting at 2XL).
Great way to support Skepticon!

T-shirts will go into production by July or whenever we reach 75 shirts ordered (the sooner everyone orders, the sooner everyone gets their shirts!)
Last year we sold out of almost every size long before the event. Some sizes sold out within the first two weeks! Pre-order to ensure you get your size.

Get in on this offer post-haste, and order with the special code MapleBacon to get a bonus gift, thus inflating my ego by using my code instead of those of the aforementioned smelly lazy uncouth yadda yadda’s.

What is this bonus gift? I haven’t the first clue! IT’S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY.

Skepticon Swag!

4 thoughts on “Skepticon Swag!

  1. 1

    I’ll go for dish cloths and/or tea towels with Sweet Jesus upon them. now that is a good use for that kind of preaching.
    Just wait, I am preloaded for the next ‘Christian” who offers to pray for me – I can say “Yes, that is the least you can do.”
    Sorry, two large glasses of wine towards bedtime…

  2. 4

    Shoulda specified, you’re right. It’s $20 USD. Which means, roughly, $19.60 CDN.

    I really hope the gift is maple bacon. It makes the house smell amazing when you fry it up.

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