The Big Reveal

Okay, so, it’s the day after April Fool’s, so naturally the jig is up. My custom style from yesterday is not, in fact, a preview of the new theme, but rather a Pony-fication of our current. I am assured that our new theme is coming soon, and when it does, my custom CSS will very likely break. So, for posterity, here’s a screenshot of what the front page (and all subsequent pages in fact!) would have looked like if you weren’t one of the 97 that were brave enough to try it.

Screenshot of the Pony-fied theme - sorry, visually impaired folks, I have no idea how to prank you with ponies as well.

I have it installed myself, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to change it for a while yet.

I had also changed my Gravatar to a pony made with General Zoi’s My Little Pony Creator (I have a news item I’d like to post about her a little later in fact!). I didn’t, however, post it to the blog then the way Dana did, but I did manage to inculcate some pony-on-pony warfare in the comments on my other prank post. Anyway, here’s the pony I built. Probably the most over-encumbered member of its species ever built.

Of course, ponies weren’t the only prank that happened around these parts yesterday — the biggest prank, the one that attracted the most of our bloggers, involved casting aspersions and recriminations about one another in one gigantic circular firing squad. Which was also fun.

So, what’d you think?

The Big Reveal

11 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

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    Heh. I first noticed Greta’s April Fool, and then it was just a matter of piecing together whether it was one giant ring, or several loops.

    Greta Christina ⟹
    JT Eberhard (WWJTD?) ⟹
    Stephanie Zvan (Almost) ⟹
    Dana Turner (En Tequila) ⟹
    Daniel Fincke (Camels) ⟹
    Richard Carrier ⟹
    Al Stefanelli ⟹
    Chris Hallquist (Uncredible) ⟹
    Chris Rodda (This Week) ⟹
    Ed Brayton (Dispatches) ⟹
    Ophelia Benson ⟹
    Maryam Namazie ⟹
    Brianne Bilyeu (Biodork) ⟹
    Hank Fox (Blue Collar Atheist) ⟹
    Greg Laden (X Blog) ⟹
    Ian Cromwell (Crommunist Manifesto) ⟹
    Jason Thibeault (Lousy Canuck) ⟹
    Dylan Biery (Assassin Actual) ⟹
    Justin Griffith (Rock Beyond Belief) ⟹
    Russell, aka Kazim (Atheist Experience) ⟹
    Jen McCreight (Blag Hag) ⟹

    … and rinse and repeat!

    I’m a bit spoiled for choice as to which was the best: the fun of a good deception is that there has to be something to draw on and subvert, so I totally got into the spirit of Daniel Fincke’s article on Richard Carrier, peppered with identifiable quote mines of Richard himself. That was very well done.

    For the absurd, well, Ophelia writing about Maryam, or the hilarious, Brianne writing about Hank.

    I notice PZ got into the spirit of things over at Skepchick, and will be writing pick-up lines for Pick-Up Artists Assholes over at Skepchick, now that Rebecca Watson has decreed that they’ll be slanting Skepchick as a Manosphere, Mens’ Rights site:

    For a moment it seemed like FtB was going to be reduced to a klatch of PZ, Kagin, and Comradde Physioproffe fulminating at one another (well, unless Black Skeptics, Natalie, Kylie, Mano, and Duncan wanted to stay).

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    The weird thing is, they were all scheduled for 9:17AM EST, and AFAIK, only two missed their schedule. Guessing you use RSS to keep up with the site? I suspect the RSS feed doesn’t sort by GMT time, but rather by each blog’s local time. I will look into it as time allows.

  3. 8

    I maintain that Biodork had the funniest, which I believe, is the ultimate point. Overall it was quite fun to watch. Sadly, the first one that went up was the link at the Atheist Experience, and as I am up at ungodly hours this week, I got to watch them all pop in irregularly, ruined some of the fun. Still good though!

  4. 10

    So, what’d you think?

    At first I thought it was a hoot and a half but later, realizing that it had been a kind of round, a passing off from one voice to another, leading deeper into a fearful and chaotic abyss, I decided it was good for at least two hoots with a backup chorus of yuks accompanied by some aerial displays and loud whistles with a hint of vibrating ground.

    Well played, all. Well played.

    So, whatcha got for next year, eh?

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