Backstabbing and well-poisoning are Assassins’ games

About a month ago, I had a few conversations with Dylan Biery (Assassin Actual) over email, and considering what just happened over at his blog, I think it’s probably time to poison the well a little.

I’ll be perfectly blunt — I wouldn’t trust basically anything on his blog as being on the up and up, pretty much since this post, because there are some interceding events that I really hoped would sort themselves out without interference, but evidently haven’t.

I wasn’t really expecting to have to bring this sort of news about a fellow FtB blogger to light myself, but I feel obligated.

Dylan’s post about having seen the stars through night-vision goggles, and his numinous experience as a result, got a decent audience. The message about how “science saved [his] soul” in the accompanying video, well, it’s a sentiment I’ve echoed myself in the past. In amongst his audience, however, was one of the military chaplains with whom he keeps in contact rather regularly. The post was apparently the perfect vehicle for what came next: the chaplain hit Dylan with the fine-tuned universe argument. And — I can’t believe I have to say this — he fell for it hook, line and sinker.

From our conversations, some choice quotes from Dylan:

I used to think that all this “stuff” could occur naturally, that it could all happen by the Big Bang and all that. But look at how many stars there are! There’s so damn many of them, and that’s just what we can see! And here we are, the only sentient beings in the whole universe. What is this I don’t even. How could that have happened any other way but that God made it that way? How many coincidences can there possibly be before you get to build the case that God’s the best explanation? Seems legit, man.

I put together a few points against the fine-tuning argument which I really don’t want to rehash here. He was unswayed — I think his exact words were “cool story bro”. I replied, “Son, I am disapoint.”

IN B4 losing all my respect

Look, you’ve been a totally cool dude and doesn’t afraid of anything before, so I need to tell you some stuff that you cannot under any circumstances tell anyone else or I’ll fucking kill you for ruining it for me. For serious. I wanted you to convince me I was wrong. That [redacted, the Chaplain] was wrong. But you just fed me all the same old crap. I’m pretty convinced now, thanks to you, that Christ is our savior and after Rock Beyond Belief, once we get all the details squared away, I’m splitting FtB to join up with Christian Fighter Pilot on a new blog. Or maybe on Patheos, we’re not sure yet. Thinking about calling it Warriors For Christ or something.

Oh, sure, I’ll keep pretending I’m an atheist in the meantime, because you know all that sweet sweet payola we get from ads is totally worth it. I know how to keep feeding you sheeple.

Then he kept ranting about “he is coming” and “zalgo” or some shit.

I don’t know what to say about all this, but it’s pretty fucked up. I don’t like to question people’s sanity, but he also at one point said Pinkie Pie is the best pony, when that’s obviously Applejack. So I think he might have been a bit too close to an IED or something, got his brains scrambled. Feels bad, man.

Backstabbing and well-poisoning are Assassins’ games

10 thoughts on “Backstabbing and well-poisoning are Assassins’ games

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    Crommunist mentioned that you were leaving. I raced over here to pen a strong but heartfelt letter to to the editor and found the above post.

    You would have gotten away with it too, if not for the tag “Applejack is the best pony.”

  2. 4

    Eff it, all in; this is as good a place as any for a Pony thread.

    No love for Applejack, @1 @3? That said, clearly Pinkie’s reality-bending (and fourth-wall-breaking) powers make her best, not to mention her pathological obsession with joy.

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    John: I’m sorry, I know I should be able to stand that given everything else in this thread, but I just dislike that kind of pop music. It’s a very visceral kind of dislike. Sure, it’s really cute that that’s official media and a sort of outreach to the Bronies, but still.

    AA: “And I’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

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