Monckton and Watts cut and run from debate with Potholer54

Welp, this one’s dead in the water. Color me completely unsurprised. Apparently Anthony Watts is done with the Peter Hadfield / Christopher Monckton debate, all because Climate Crocks interviewed Potholer. Evidently offering evidence for assertions is “hateful” in Watts’ eyes.

Faced with real, checkable, online debate, where he would have to name his sources, put it in writing, and provide links for readers to fact check him (hmmm..sort of the way I do it in this video series) His CowardlyLion-ness decided to, well, run.

The host of the discussion, Pseudo-Science enthusiast Anthony Watts, told his faithful last weekend that, after I released a video of a Skype interview with Potholer discussing the situation, he would no longer provide a platform for discussion, since Potholer was “colluding” with that “hateful greenman”.

The quote from Watts:

[…]While I can’t hear what Hadfield is saying (he sounds like a British mumble to me) they seem totally infatuated with their manhunt, so much for Hadfield’s repeated claims of being “dispassionate and logical”. Thanks for posting this. When he starts colluding with that hateful “greenman”, all semblance of rational debate is destroyed.

This video then cements my decision not to provide any further space to Hadfield here. – Anthony

You don’t have to provide space for Hadfield, Watts. He’s done a bang-up job debunking Monckton’s lies errors at his Youtube channel, though he doesn’t have quite your audience. It’s just a shame (for you and your fellow science deniers) that you’ve already published a bunch of debunking at your site, and Monckton refuses to actually address any of it.

What color is “unsurprised”, anyway? Maybe puce?

Monckton and Watts cut and run from debate with Potholer54

7 thoughts on “Monckton and Watts cut and run from debate with Potholer54

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    Maybe you need to develop your own colour chart. Unsurprised can be puce, Monckton can be yellow, Pope-Heart could be pure black… What could Politician be? Maybe that chameleon paint stuff they use on cars so it looks green from one angle & purple from another

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    I guess that really sums up the denialist position:

    1. Scream and rail about all the climate scientists’ errors
    2. Grudgingly listen to a reasonable interpretation of the data
    3. Refuse to accept it, and call the presenter names
    4. Plug ears with fingers and yell even louder

    I, too, would like to borrow your “unsurprised” marker.

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