Lord Christopher Monckton: where are you?

Potholer54, a.k.a former CBC correspondent Peter Hadfield, originally won my undying devotion for a series on Youtube debunking creationists. He’s also, recently, taken on climate change denialists, given how much overlap there is in the particular skillset you need to counter their dogmas. One of the biggest proponents of dogmatic climate antiscience is Lord Christopher Monckton. He and Potholer recently had a short dust-up over Monckton’s supposedly unassailable speeches. Anthony Watts, arch-denialist and proprietor of the Watts Up With That blog, hosted what began as an internet debate, and ended as a one-sided trouncing where Monckton retreated from the field unceremoniously with an as-yet unfulfilled promise to return and rebut.

It’s been several months since, and where I would have given up, Potholer is evidently not done with Monckton. He, and I strongly feel all Monckton’s and denialism’s proponents, deserve a rebuttal. Potholer authored an open letter to Monckton and posted it to Youtube.

What do you figure the over/under is on Monckton finding time to finally debate Potholer? I mean, there are lots of grade school classrooms for Monckton to Skype into, where his lies mistakes won’t be called out for what they are. I’m sure Monckton can find lots of ways to keep ducking this debate.

Lord Christopher Monckton: where are you?

8 thoughts on “Lord Christopher Monckton: where are you?

  1. F

    I mean, there are lots of grade school classrooms for Monckton to Skype into,

    lolwhut? Can I get some clarification on that sentence?

  2. 5


    I think he’s refering to a event mentioned in start of the video of Monckton talking to a small classroom of students instead of to potholer and his audience. Not sure if it was mentioned as a grade school classroom or if it was a small university class Jason may have misspoke there as it came off as ambiguous to me. But maybe I just missed something.

  3. 6

    At 1:14 in the video, Monckton is shown with a Picture-In-Picture the way Skype does. It looks like he’s talking to a grade school classroom, but I could be mistaken. Maybe that’s my own bias. Maybe I just can’t bring myself to believe that any serious college or university class would have him pay them a virtual visit.

    Or that that small classroom is evidently more important a use of Monckton’s time, shaping a small amount of zealots who aren’t being given information to the contrary, as opposed to digging himself out of the hole he’s dug himself in with all his “mistakes” that Potholer pointed out.

  4. F

    Ah, thank you both for the explanation. Much appreciated, as I found the statement puzzling while feeling I missed something enlightening and/or amusing.

  5. 8

    Ok my attempts to dig a little further were completely hampered by the ubiquity of potholers of the open letter in comment pages. But here’s what I did find out.

    I did find out it was with dissident thinker guest lecture series and that the guy behind it has taught high school and university apparently…

    I also found that the lecture is on youtube, but they don’t mention the name of the school at the start and …… it’s late and I’m just starting to feel lazy. Listening he has mentioned a few of the names of some of the courses he teaches and I sounds like a university setting but I could be wrong.

    The video is 2hr long not to mention some of the other ones that I glanced at and I’ve just run out of steam. If anyone cares enough to dig deeper or feels like listening to the lecture I’ll leave my main source below. Hopefully it’s distasteful enough to keep this post out of any spam filters ;p


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