Einstein’s complete archives go online

Via The CBC, that cesspool of liberal bias, comes the news that one of the greatest thinkers of our time — who believed in peace and didn’t believe in God — has been enshrined on the internet. And the Hebrew University of Jerusalem isn’t even mad about this false idol worship! In fact, they’re complicit!

Albert Einstein’s complete archives — from personal correspondence with half a dozen lovers to notebooks scribbled with his groundbreaking scientific research — are going online for the first time.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which owns the German Jewish physicist’s papers, is pulling never-before seen items from its climate-controlled safe, photographing them in high resolution and posting them on the internet — offering the public a nuanced and fuller portrait of the man behind the scientific genius.

The portal now offers a close look at an initial 2,000 documents, or 7,000 pages total, from Einstein’s personal and public life up to the year 1921. In the coming years, archivists will slowly upload the remainder of the collection.

Apparently the totality of his archives will help dispel some long-held and pernicious myths about ol’ Al’s school grades.

The curator said the university would publish a copy of Einstein’s grades as a young student, hoping it would dispel a popular myth that Einstein did poorly in school. The university is also posting a 20-year-old Einstein’s correspondence with scientists, showing how advanced his research already was at that early age.

Since the Ceeb wasn’t thoughtful enough to include a link to the archive, I will. Eventually, they’ll have migrated everything to alberteinstein.info, but as far as I can tell through my arcane and dark arts of trying-it-in-the-address-bar, that site doesn’t work yet.

Einstein’s complete archives go online

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    I’ve heard of this Einstein guy. According to emails forwarded to me from my fundamentalist Christian friends and family members, Einstein come up with an equation that proved Jesus is the Lord Of Lords and Mountain Dew is the best soda ever. Or something.

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